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Two Country Joint Exercise (二国合同軍事演習) is a Subjugation based urgent mission running from 09/03/17 to 06/04/17.

Start Date End Date
09/01/2020 06/02/2020

Rewards Edit

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Original Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
1000 Alegria 100 Spirit Queen
2000 Spirit of Gold 300 Platinum Armor
3000 Spirit of Platinum 400 50 Demon Crystals
4000 Spirit of Black 500 Freude
5000 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
7000 Spirit of Platinum
8000 Spirit of Black
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
10000 Freude

Revival Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
500 Alegria 100 Platinum Armor
1000 Spirit of Gold 200 Alegria
1500 Platinum Armor 300 50 Demon Crystals
2000 Spirit of Platinum 400 Freude
2500 Spirit of Black 500 Farah
3000 Freude
3500 30.000 Gold
4000 Spirit of Platinum
4500 Platinum Armor
5000 Spirit of Black
5500 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
6500 60.000 Gold
7000 Spirit of Platinum
7500 Spirit of Black
8000 Platinum Armor
8500 Spirit Queen
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
9500 90.000 Gold
10000 Farah

Additional rewardsEdit


Every 100 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until 2000 monsters.

From then onwards, every 200 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until the max limit of 10000 monsters.

Crystal Shards may be used in Base Summoning SP, which has a higher chance of summoning Silver-rarity or higher units than the normal 2000G Base Summon.



Missions Edit

Difficulty Tiers Cha Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Beginner 15 70 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
30 100
Hard 30 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
40 300
Extreme 35 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 400
God 40 50 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 500

Enemies Edit

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies. Waves are shared between difficulty levels - Beginner only has wave 1, Hard has waves 1-3, etc. Easier difficulties have reduced enemy stats.

  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 3
  • Wave 4
  • Wave 5
Enemy Unit
Mage ×6
Ranged (100)
Splash 133
810 200 20
MR 5
Initial: 24
Move: 121
Missile: 6
2 UP
Archer Sprite
Archer ×8
Ranged (100)
Physical 990 250 50 166
Initial: 24
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
Imperial Soldier Sprite
Imperial Soldier ×46
Physical 1800 315 150 151
Initial: 30
1 UP
Imperial Knight Sprite
Imperial Knight ×1
Ranged (140)
Physical 9900 400 450
MR 10
Initial: 17
Move: 51
Missile: 10
2 UP
Black Goblin Soldier Sprite
Black Goblin Soldier ×31
Magic 1350 135 0 101
Initial: 12
1 UP
Black Goblin Mage Sprite
Black Goblin Mage×4
Ranged (140)
Magic 1620 350 50 231
Initial: 40
Move: 161
Missile: instant
1 UP
Percis Sprite
Percis ×2
Ranged (280)
Splash 80
5400 400 70 313
Initial: 52
Move: 241
Missile: 4
2 UP
Heath Sprite
Heath ×1
Ranged (220)
Magic 1800 350 60
MR 10
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 8
2 UP
Leora AW Sprite
Leora ×1
Physical 10800 630 350
MR 10
Initial: 16
3 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Leona Introduction

Leona NPC Icon Leona: "—Prince, let me give you my thanks once again for accepting our offer to do a joint military exercise between the White Empire and your Kingdom."

"The goal of this exercise is to improve the Imperial Army's military power, and to strengthen our coordination with your country."

"We may need to borrow the strength of your country in case of an emergency. There'll be problems if we don't know each other's strengths, and coordinate accordingly."

"This exercise will be a good opportunity to learn the strengths of the Empire and Kingdom in a united front. I'm going to ask for your country's soldiers to also participate in the exercise."

"That's right, as for the form of the exercise, we'll have you use the form of a 'Great Subjugation Mission' that is different from your regular monster subjugating missions."

"Take note that Great Subjugation Missions are different from regular missions in several ways."

"First, in a Great Subjugation mission, the primary goal is to 'defeat the enemy', nothing more."

"In any case, defeating as many opponents as possible to the last man standing is what's important."

"You'll clear the mission even if your life reaches zero, and the number of enemies you defeated will be tallied in the results."

"Meaning, it's more important to focus on defeating as many opponents as possible than worry about the casualties in your army."

"Keep in mind the deployment cost won't recover over time. So do not forget to bring Valkyries or those with the 'Call for Reinforcements' skill on your team."

"Also be sure to remember that even if you defeat the enemy, you won't gain EXP, gold, or drops."

"As for the location, it will be conducted at the new defensive outpost situated within the territory of the Empire."

"Although it's an exercise, this will be a great opportunity to test out the effectiveness of the outpost. I would like you to hit it with everything you've got. I want you to also treat us like an opponent without losing your concentration."

"I hope that this exercise will prove beneficial to both the Kingdom and Empire."

"Now then, let's commence the 'Great Subjugation Mission'!"

Map Introduction

Leora AW Icon ???: "—You're the Prince-chan I heard so much about. Nice to meetcha~♪"

Kyuubi AW Icon ???: "Indeed, you're the interesting human I heard Inari and the others talk about... Fumu, you have a pretty nice look on your face."

Kyuubi: "I am called Kyuubi. I heard about your tale from an old friend. They said you're quite the strange one."

Leora AW Icon Leora: "I'm Leora~♪ Prince-chan, don't be so nervous. This is an exercise, so stretch back, and relax~♪"

Heath Icon Heath: "... While we're not trying to take each others lives, there'll be problems if you didn't take this seriously."

Heath: "This exercise is a good opportunity to display the technical prowess of us from the Empire. Prince, during the exercise, allow us to test the new weapons we made."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "New weapons... you say?"

Leora AW Icon Leora: "We were short on time, but they're weapons imbued with magic~♪ Monsters that don't have any magical strength can attack with magic, such amazing weapons~♪"

Kyuubi AW Icon Kyuubi: "They're too dangerous for humans to handle without the magic running wild, so they're more like defective goods that cannot be used by anything but monsters."

Heath Icon Heath: "I wish you wouldn't reveal our hand so easily... Well, it's OK, they're still prototypes, so there's more work to be done on them."

Heath: "In the face of weapons imbued with magic, the defences of your armour hold no purpose. If you underestimate the monsters, you'll be in for a painful experience."

Katie Icon Katie: "Thank you for the advice. Weapons imbued with magic... Prince, it looks like you need to be careful."

Dirk Icon Dirk: "Report! All members are in position!"

Leora AW Icon Leora: "It looks like preparations are complete on our end. Prince-chan, we're ready anytime, OK~♪"

Katie Icon Katie: "Affirmative. Prince, are we also ready?"

Katie: "Well then, let's commence the military exercise in collaboration between the Kingdom and Empire!"

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