Twostarsaimingforthetop phase2

Two Stars Aiming for the Top (トップを狙うふたつ星) is a star rush urgent mission running from 02/04/2020 to 16/04/2020.

Unit Details Edit

Unit Class Skill AW Skill
Pre-AW Ability AW Ability
Raichi (School) Icon
Raichi (School)
Mage Armor 大玉ファイアボール
Giant Fireball
Attack and splash radius are increased.
Cheerful Earth Armor
Defense increases by 1.3x. All allies gradually recover HP.
N/A 小さな新風
Fresh Little Breeze
While on the active team, all allied School units gain 5% HP, Attack and Defense.

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Leeanne joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Raichi (School) joins Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Initial Level 10 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 40
Earn 25 stars Initial Level 50
Earn 26 stars Freude
Earn 27 stars Onyx


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Special Training To Be The Best, Begin!
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon
Soldier (Heavy) A Lv5
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 34
Beer Icon
Beer -
The Most Important Thing Is Physical Strength!
30 200 1275 10 8
Maya Icon
Maya Lv8
Russell Icon
Russell Lv8 x2
2 10 46
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Perfectly Coordinated Formation Training!
40 250 1500 10 8
Danan Icon
Danan Lv10
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv10
3 10 57
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Corps' Commander Cheering Everyone On!
50 300 2250 10 8
Cassis Icon
Cassis Lv12
Alissa Icon
Alissa Lv12
5 20 49
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon
Giant Axe Paralyzing With A Single Blow!
70 350 3000 15 8
Asar Icon
Asar Lv15
Sharon Icon
Sharon Lv15
6 25 67
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Chaotic Brawl With The General Audience!
40 270 1800 10 8
Mortimer Icon
Mortimer Lv10
Palace Icon
Palace Lv10
4 10 57
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon
Choice Sake
Speedy Magical Beast's Great Rampage!
50 300 2250 10 8
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv12
Niel Icon
Niel Lv12
5 15 53
Nicholaus Icon
Nicholaus Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
An Obstacle That None Shall Pass!
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 20 96
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Two Stars That Shine Together!
70 350 3000 10 8
Odette Icon
Odette Lv15
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte Lv15
6 25 59
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Leeanne CC Sprite
Armored Human
Physical 2500 150 400 131
Initial: 20
2 UP
Bernice AW Sprite
Armored Human
Physical 4000 300 600 131
Initial: 20
3 UP
Alicia AW Sprite
Physical 4000 1000 500
MR 20
Initial: 42
3 UP
Totono AW Sprite
Ranged (300)
Physical 4500 600 250 351
Initial: 6
Move: 301
Missile: 0
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Mercenary enemies by 20%.
Mercenary Sprite
Melee Physical 2000 400 300 136
Initial: 24
1 UP
Liddy AW Skill Sprite
Ranged (60)
Physical 14000 1000 350 91
Initial: 8
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Does not stop to attack.
Ester AW Skill Sprite
Ranged (60)
Physical 16000 1200 300 91
Initial: 8
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Stella AW Skill Sprite
Ranged (60)
Physical 14000 900 150 91
Initial: 8
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Does not stop to attack.
Herculean Girl
Armored Human
Physical 15000 1000 1000 142
Initial: 36
3 UP
Has an aura.
Dine AW Sprite
Armored Human
Physical 30000 2000 1200 403
Initial: 106
3 UP
Waltz Sprite
- 10000 - 120 350
3 UP
Mehlis AW Sprite Old
Ranged (200)
Splash 133.33
6000 275 30
MR 20
Initial: 35
Move: 81
Missile: 6
0 UP
Candy CC Sprite
Ranged (200)
Splash 133.33
8400 420 10
MR 25
Initial: 40
Move: 81
Missile: 6
3 UP
Enemy witches have 20% increased ATK/DEF.
Greataxe Executioner Sprite
Greataxe Executioner
Melee Physical 20000 4000 400 161
Initial: 101
2 UP
Paralyze, 1 hit, 12s
Dominion Sprite
Physical 10000 800 200
MR 20
Initial: 8
2 UP
Miruno AW Skill Sprite
Ranged (400)
Physical 25000 700 300
MR 25
Initial: 30
Move: 71
Missile: 3
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 60HP/.083s (720HP/s).
Angel Chief Sprite
Angel Chief
Ranged (300)
Physical 30000 1500 450
MR 40
Initial: 60
Move: 161
Missile: 15
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 40HP/.083s.
Uses melee attack while blocked. Ranged attack hits all allies in range.
2000 151
Initial: 30
Towa (School) AW Sprite
Towa (School)
Ranged (220)
Magic 7000 250 200
MR 10
Initial: 12
Move: 9
Missile: 3
3 UP
Diera Sprite
Ranged (300)
Physical 5000 700 250 351
Initial: 12
Move: 301
Missile: 0
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Mercenary enemies by 40%
Moltena AW Sprite
Ranged (210)
True 15000 800 50 151
Initial: 33
Move: 101
Missile: 8
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Orthros and Cerberus enemies by 20%
Mischa (School) CC Sprite
Mischa (School)
Physical 6500 550 100
MR 10
Initial: 16
3 UP
Alice AW Sprite
Ranged (80)
Physical 17000 800 350
MR 10
Initial: 10
Move: 27
Missile: 0
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Can attack all units within range.
Mine Sprite
Physical 11000 480 350 146
Initial: 24
3 UP
Landmine Sprite
Melee Physical 10 2500 50 1000
2 UP
Upon death or after a set time, explodes for 100% damage area attack with radius 60.

Cannot be targeted unless it is engaged with a blocker.

Wendy CC Sprite
Ranged (180)
Splash 80.00
18000 1500 700 131
Initial: 14
Move: 91
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.

Upon reaching 0 HP, is resurrected after a brief time. This effect only occurs once.

Imelia AW Sprite
Awakened Imelia
Physical 18000 1400 900 157
Initial: 58
3 UP
Has an aura.
Rorone Sprite
Physical 18000 2000 0 157
Initial: 54
3 UP
Lyla AW Sprite Old
Physical 25000 2200 0 157
Initial: 69
3 UP
Ashera AW Sprite
Ranged (220)
Physical 12000 720×3 50 51
Initial: 16
Move: 21
Missile: 3
3 UP
Can attack up to 3 units simultaneously.
White Archer
Ranged (250)
Physical 10000 550×4 150 66
Initial: 24
Move: 21
Missile: 3
3 UP
Has an aura. Fires volleys of 4 arrows.
Frederica CC Sprite
Ranged (440)
Splash 144.00
13000 1000 100 313
Initial: 52
Move: 241
Missile: 4
3 UP
Anri (School) Sprite
Anri (School)
Ranged (330)
Magic 13000 600 50
MR 10
Initial: 25
Move: 61
Missile: 7
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 一般観客と喧嘩騒動! (40/4) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 一目散に魔獣大暴走! (50/5) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Special Training Aiming for First Begins!

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "——Finally got enrolled... But this's also an important step to becoming an invincible warrior! I must do my very best starting today!"

Mischa (School) Icon Mischa: "Oya, I thought there was a familiar face, so Raichi also joined our school."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Mischa! Yep, I'm also aiming to be the strongest, so I need to brush up on the basics~♪"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Hahah, she's got a good heart! Looks like this year also isn't going to be a bore with so many lively students."

Mischa (School) Icon Mischa: "Who else has enrolled? Not just the townspeople, but it looks there's many from the Kingdom's army as well..."

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Lessee, from the Kingdom's army, there's Yukihime and—oh, that girl was also here? Anri, she passed the written test with top marks!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Top marks on the written test!? The best... The best...? Gununu, I'm so jealous..."

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Jealous, you say? Didn't you get good grades during the melee battle with magic, Raichi? Everyone has their area of expertise, you know?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Ugh~! But an invincible warrior's supposed to be smart! I'm aiming to be the world's strongest, so I have to study!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "There's nothing to dislike about being energetic right after enrolling. Well then, Raichi, wanna try competing with your fellow enrollees during the athletics festival?"

Mischa (School) Icon Mischa: "I see, the Kingdom's athletics festival is a place to show the results of our battle training. You have to be strong in both tactics and fitness."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Athletics festival...!! Yoosh, then I'll aim for victory in the overall standings during the athletics festival!"

Mischa (School) Icon Mischa: "In that case, Bernice and the others are having a mock battle in the schoolyard for the athletics festival, so it may be a good idea to join them."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Mock battle! Mock battle!! Bernice—!! Wait for me—!!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Like a wild boar... This may be good stimulation for Anri as well. Yoosh, I'll also join the mock battle!"


Bernice Icon Bernice: "Owowowow... For a mock battle, you went into it a little too seriously."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Uwaa... Is everyone alright...? I heard sounds like there was a real battle coming from the schoolyard."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Ah, Anri...! Anri, I have a favour to ask!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Ehh? Umm...? Raichi-san, your face's too close! It's making me nervous!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Ahh, s-sorry! Umm, I want you to challenge the athletics festival with me. I want you to become my rival so we both can do our best!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "R, Raichi and I are rivals...!? That makes me happy, but... But I'm not all that interested in athletics..."

Karin Icon Karin: "During the school's athletics festival, we'll be conducting mock battles based on real battles. I believe it would be a good opportunity to test your knowledge as an adviser, don't you think?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Mumumu, I suppose that's true...? I don't want to get too carried away, but if you put it like that, let's both do our best, OK...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Thanks, Anri—!! Yoosh, let's begin the secret training at once!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Ehh, eeh!? Now—!?"


Alicia Icon Alicia: "By the way, it sounds like Raichi-san and Anri-san are competing to see who can win overall during the athletics festival."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Raichi-san is diligent, so... I guess Anri-chan's also looks a little happy...?"

Alicia Icon Alicia: "Both of them are certainly talented, so it's natural they would be hard workers aiming for ever greater heights in their hearts. Perhaps there's some understanding between them."

"However, it would be terrible if they wind up hurting themselves secretly training in a place we don't know. So, I was thinking we ought to watch over them, but..."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Well...? Surely the Prince's also worried about them...?"

Alicia Icon Alicia: "... Fufu, right. Well then, let us watch over their training with the Prince, shall we?"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I made some boxed lunches, see...? I also made some nice and cold desserts."

Alicia Icon Alicia: "Well then, Prince, let's head to their place at once."

What's Most Important is Physical Fitness!

Alicia Icon Alicia: "——Are you ready, Raichi-san, Anri-san? The most important thing during the athletics festival is the basics!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Yes! Alicia-sensei!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Y, yes! But what are the basics...?"

Alicia Icon Alicia: "For both studying and exercises, the foundation is the same. In other words, muscles and endurance...!"

Alicia: "Without those things, you won't be able to demonstrate your excellent tactics and honed techniques on the battlefield."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "A, as expected of an elite royal guard...! Well then, Alicia-sensei, what kind of training are we doing...?"

Alicia AW Icon Alicia: "——As for muscles used in actual combat, building them up during a live exercise is best. You'll have a mock battle with the soldiers led by the royal guards."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "A real battle out of the blue...!? Uuugh, I don't like fighting, but..."

Mireille Icon Mireille: "My, my, you'll hurt yourself if you look away, you know? As rivals, as friends, the first thing you shall learn is to watch each others' backs."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Hiii, from behind is Mireille-san's team...!? Since it's come to this, it can't be helped, I'll hold off Mireille-san!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "You're amazing, Anri, you've already resolved yourself!? Yoosh, I also won't lose! I'll be Alicia-sensei's opponent! I definitely won't lose!!"


Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "W, we won..."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Fufufu... Though it was just a little, didn't I win earlier?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Mumuh, I was done a little quicker!"

Alicia Icon Alicia: (These two are complete opposites, but similar in some ways...)

Mireille Icon Mireille: "Fufu, it reminds me of the old Alicia."

Alicia Icon Alicia: "Ugh... Please keep that a secret..."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Alicia-chan, Raichi-chan, how about a... break? I made cold drinks and snacks."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Yay! Anri, break, break~♪"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Aahh!? Please wait, Raichi-san! I also want to eat Yukihime-san's gifts—!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I made enough for three, so it's fine, you know...? Well then, let us eat together... ♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Thanks for the meal~♪ I'll do my best for tomorrow's training as well—!"

Perfectly Coordinated Formation Training!

Totono Icon Totono: "——I see, you're both training to achieve an overall victory during the athletics festival, hm."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Understand I only got caught up in this, OK...?"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Nah, this includes you, Anri-chan. You've been enjoying yourself training these last several days, you know...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Fufufu, you know Anri? You can't keep anything secret from Yukihime."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Mumumumu... I'll bribe Yukihime with sweets later..."

Totono Icon Totono: "You three look like three peas in a pod. Speaking of training, want to join the practice for my programme?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "An athletics festival programme? What're you doing, Totono?"

Totono Icon Totono: "A completely new event that combines a mock battle with formation training. By mimicking the Prince, I shall also lead my own army."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Hmmm...? How is that different from a normal battle...?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "By doing formation training at the same time, she's going for group warfare closer to what happens on an actual battlefield than a mock battle where everything's chaotic."

Totono Icon Totono: "Well put. We cannot count on the Prince's leadership everywhere and at all times, so I need to brush up my mercenaries for group warfare as well."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Hm...? So does that mean the training opponents depending on us are the mercenary-sans...?"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Since the mercenary-sans are normally patrolling the battlefields, they could provide sufficient training... I suppose...?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Indeed, since they fight differently from the regular forces, I believe there's all sorts of things to learn, you know?"

Totono AW Icon Totono: "Great, well then, I'll go call the mercenary-sans. Please look after them during training."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Raichi-san, watch out for Totono-san who's directing our opponents. Though she's a merchant, she's been collaborating with the Kingdom's army."

Anri: "While under her direct leadership, the movements of the mercenary-sans should be greater than normal!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I'll also support you... Do your best...♪"

[While Totono is present, Mercenary AT & DF buffed.]


Totono AW Icon Totono: "OK, that's enough! Everyone, thank you very much for cooperating in our training."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "I, I'm sooo tired... As expected from mercenary-sans with battle experience..."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "But both the mercenary-sans and the rest of you were so cool, you know...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "You think? You really think so? Eheheh, being praised by Yukihime makes me happy~♪"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Muh, she wasn't only praising you, Raichi-san! I'm also happy to be praised by Yukihime-san!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I think it would be nice... if you don't compete that far, you know...? If you bicker and argue, there won't be any boxed lunches today, understand?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Yukihime's boxed lunch...! Gununu, let's call this a draw..."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Right... For the cold dessert...!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "... Good girls, getting along, good girls~♪"

Entire Cheer Corps Command!

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "... The real thing's started. The day I take overall victory!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "... No, it's the day I beautifully take overall victory with my newfound knowledge!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "You two, do your best...!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Well then, let's begin the opening ceremony for the Kingdom Athletics Festival."

Anna: "During the opening ceremony, a demonstration of team leadership will be conducted by the Prince using a combination of the Kingdom's army and school body. All participants please move to each of your positions."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Ahh, I'll take part in the ceremony. I'll be on the Prince's team! Eheheh."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Muh, n-not fair...! I want to do the ceremony on the Prince's team—!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Fufufu, the match is already starting! Raichi-san, please watch from the spectators' seat~♪"

Anna NPC Icon 1Anna: "Everyone, are you ready? Well then, Prince, please take command!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

[While Waltz, Hana, Vivian, and Marnie are present, all enemy AT & DF buffed.]


Anna NPC Icon 1Anna: "——Time's up! That concludes the opening ceremony!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Anri-chan, you did great...♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Uugh, it's regrettable, but you did great... Yoosh, the one who's going to do great during the actual athletics festival will be me!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "You did a lot of training. You were rolling boulders up hills and..."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Dance training, eating contests, I was really doing a lot of training..."

Raichi: "I'll do my best to aim for invincible warrior—!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Oh—♪"

Great Axe that Numbs in a Single Blow!

Katara Icon Katara: "——Floga, was there really an angel response? I don't see anything at all! All around us is just sand—!"

Floga Icon Floga: "There was a report from Nephty-san that an angel's magical response was definitely around this pyramid."

Floga: "Indeed, there's a very thick magical response lingering in this area. There's no doubt that angels were here at the very least—"

Katara Icon Katara: "Ugh—. It's so hot, I feel like I'm gonna collapse from just walking... I feel dizzy..."

Nephty Icon Nephty: "My apologies for making you go out of the way to confirm it. However, the matter occurring in Tenkai, the struggle over the wedges is a cause for concern we cannot ignore..."

Floga Icon Floga: "No, no, the world's still in a state of peril. ——Oh, oya? Someone's running towards us, isn't that Ballad-san and Hashim-san?"

Hashim Icon Hashim: "Nephty! So you were here? Things have turned somewhat dire."

Ballad Icon Ballad: "From the pyramid up ahead, angels have started marching in our direction. They also brought a new kind wielding gigantic axes."

Hashim Icon Hashim: "They cleaved through the wild monsters like knives through butter. What's more, just receiving a blow from those huge axes is enough to numb the body..."

Nephty Icon Nephty: "I see... Either way, we have to stop the angels' march. Floga-san, please magically contact the Prince!"

Floga Icon Floga: "Of course, I've already contacted them! Please quickly prepare for battle!"

[If you receive a blow from the great axe decapitators, you will instantly be paralysed.]


Nephty Icon Nephty: "Prince, I appreciate your support. Thanks to you, we managed to deal with the angel attack before something happened."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "The angels' actions are still a mystery, but what's even creepier is that we don't have any idea what's happening in Tenkai..."

Floga Icon Floga: "Nothing we can do but gather information for now. The magicians' guild is also searching for any Tenkai movements throughout the world."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "I see. No matter what happens, we'll deal with it. Let's stay ever vigilant."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, Prince, shall we return to the Kingdom? That was good work on today's expedition!"

Tussle with the Audience!

Minette Icon Minette: "Nyan nyaka nya—n!? Though business is roaring—! It's overly crowded—!"

Totono Icon Totono: "I thought it would definitely be a big hit if we set up stalls during the athletics festival, but none of us could've anticipated it would be this jam-packed..."

Minette Icon Minette: "B, but—! It's 'cause everyone fought against Maou things recovered so they could be this lively, right? Right?"

Totono Icon Totono: "Right... The coming and going of caravans have also been flourishing, so it was a matter of time before the Kingdom would return to its former self—"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon Soldier A: "——Ahh, bastard, cutting in line!?"

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier B: "The hell!? I just thought the shop-girl was cute is all!?"

Towa (School) Icon Towa: "Hey—! Quarreling is taboo! Even if Aigis-sama were to forgive you, neither I nor the Prince will tolerate it!"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon Soldier A: "Aahn!? Huh, aren't ya a student? C'mon, return to school before ya get hurt."

Towa (School) AW Icon Towa: "Looks like you have no intention to reflect on your behaviour... Causing trouble during the school event won't be forgiven. All of you, please sit down!"

Totono Icon Totono: "H, huh? She's supposed to be arbitrating, but isn't Towa-san also getting heated...?"

Minette Icon Minette: "B, b-b-b, bad news—! We have to quickly inform Prince-sama—!!"


Totono Icon Totono: "Fuu, looks like the disturbance has finally quieted down."

Towa (School) Icon Towa: "Hau... I'm terribly sorry, everyone. I've been busy rushing over arbitrating all morning, I got a little hot-blooded..."

Totono Icon Totono: "It's thanks to you the ruckuses here and there have all quieted down, so all's well that ends well, you could say...?"

Minette Icon Minette: "Yep-yep~♪ We're back in business thanks to you—! Ahh, does Prince-sama also want one? Do you?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Munch-munch)."

Totono Icon Totono: "Ahh, Minette-san, not fair. My stall's Kushiyaki are also delicious, so sample one by all means."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Munch-munch)."

Towa (School) Icon Towa: "Ah, umm—, you two? You should stop stuffing the Prince's cheeks with your cooking...!"

Minette Icon Minette: "Towa-san, wanna try one—? The athletics festival is just starting, so please eat your fill—♪"

Galloping Monstrous Beast Rampage!

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "——Foot race! My win—!!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Haa... Haa... A, as expected of a test of constitution, I cannot win..."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "But you two were incredible, you know...? Neither Raichi-chan nor Anri-chan lost to their sempais."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Even if I didn't lose to our sempais, losing to Raichi-san is still annoying. Umm... W, we're rivals, so..."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Ah, Anri...! Heheh, you said rivals—!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Please, not so loud~! Everyone's watching! C'mon, let's warm up for the next event!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "... Ahh, it's not your turn... I think? The new students are only participating in a mock battle after the results are announced... I guess."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Eeh~!? But I still haven't moved enough—!! Nothing to do till the result announcement—!?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Now, now, the true decision will be saved for last. In any case, the next event's starting! The Mercenary-sans' and Prince's staged demonstration?"

Karin Icon Karin: "——Well then, a demonstration will be conducted by the teams led by the Prince and the caravan mercenary-sans."

Lehren Icon Lehren: "All you good kids give them your support! Well then, Diera, Prince, are you ready?"

Diera Icon Diera: "Yeah, I'm ready whenever. I shall show you the results of my practice with Totono-san!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Karin Icon Karin: "Well then, to your positions. Demonstration... Begin!!"

[While Diera is present, Mercenaries' AT & DF buffed.]

[While Moltena is present, doggies' AT & DF buffed.]


Moltena AW Icon Moltena: "Huh...? Say, Diera, have you seen my hellhounds?"

Diera Icon Diera: "Ehh? Oh my? I thought I saw them sitting obediently in the tends till a moment ago..."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Wah... Hey, Raichi-chan, Anri-chan, big wan-chan's are running our way...?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "They're really big dogs... Gah!? Aren't those Moltena's hellhounds!?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "If they keep running... N, not good! Up ahead is the Kushiyaki stall!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I wonder if they're hungry... If you run a bunch, you'll work up a big appetite."

Karin Icon Karin: "Prince, it appears ravenous hellhounds are running this way."

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Though it wasn't scheduled, you ought to catch 'em..."


Moltena Icon Moltena: "OK, say a—hn~♪"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "The hellhounds are licking up the Kushiyaki like it's tasty. Uugh, I'm also getting hungry..."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "I'm glad we safely caught them, but running around after them made me hungry."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Then how about a snack break? I made some nice, cold candy...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Yay, Yukihime's snacks? Thanks for the treat~♪"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "It'll be a little time till the final event. So take your time to relax and enjoy your snacks, OK? Here, Anri-chan, you too... say a—n~♪"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "A, a—hn...? *Munch, munch*... Nguu—! It's cold and yummy!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "N, not fair! I want Yukihime telling me to say 'a—hn' too!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Wait your... turn? OK, Raichi-chan, say a—hn~♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "A—hn~♪ Ng~! Yum—!!"

Obstacle that None Shall Pass!

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "——Ugh—, I'm bored not moving. Lessee, what's the final event?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "You know it's not good if you don't properly read the athletic festival's guide? The final event is... Ahh, ahhahh!!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "What's wrong...? Anri, you look very happy."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Next is an obstacle race... What's more, many of our sempais from the Kingdom Army are participating..."

Anri: "Though it's different from her area, Wendy-sempai, who's a great engineer, is entering...!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Muu, Wendy-sempai's also amazing, but! Today's rival is me, got that!? Don't forget, OK!?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Of course, my rival is Raichi, you know? Fufu, could it be you got jealous?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Nothing of the sort...! L, look, let's watch in the special seat over there!"

Wendy AW Icon Wendy: "——Fufu, this year's enrollees look lively. Though the competition is an obstacle race, we have to show them how to tackle it at full force."

Alice AW Icon Alice: "——Well said! All the townspeople are watching, so let's make sure to show them our cool sides!"

Mine Icon Mine: "Yoo—sh, looks like you're ready! Shall I begin explaining the obstacle race?"

Mine: "Various obstacles are placed on the course. There's mines buried beneath the ground and the Prince's team is also standing by at the goal point."

Mine: "If you beautifully overcome them and reach the goal, you win!"

Karin Icon Karin: "Well then, everyone, on your marks. We'll begin the obstacle race. Yo—i... Go!"

[Wendy deals true damage that cannot be nullified or debuffed by the goddess's blessing.]

Alice Icon Alice: "... Fufu, well done, Wendy-san!"

Wendy Icon Wendy: "Yeah, likewise, Alice-san."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Haa~, she was so cool... I also wanna be that kind of wonderful lady someday..."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Muuuu... Anri! If you don't wipe that stupid grin off your face, you're gonna get beat up during the mock battle!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Eeh!? I wasn't grinning! Speak for yourself, Raichi-san——"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "——Fufufu, they're getting along...♪"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Yoo—sh, well then, the athletic festival's main battle ends here! Once we've calculated the points, we'll announce the results. So get ready for the coming mock battle and warm yourselves~♪"


Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——And the next award. The School Year MVP, Freshman Prize."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "*Fidget-fidget*..."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "*Kathump-kathump*..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "The School Year MVP are——Raichi-san, Anri-san, both receive 1st prize. Congratulations~♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "B, both!? You're saying both of us at the same time...?"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "When we tallied up the points, you both had the same score..."

Alicia Icon Alicia: "The information used to make our decision isn't just points, you know? Raichi-san deepened her knowledge of tactics and techniques while competing with Anri-san, and..."

"Anri-san, your desperate special training results against Raichi-san's constitution bore fruit."

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Fufun, so they both sparkled like stars on the grounds of the athletic festival?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "B, but! I'm not satisfied!!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Right. We have to settle this!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Blah-blah, shut up! There's nothing to settle, we said you had the same score, didn't we~!?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——The freshmen look like they'll do well at school. I think it's very nice that they're rivals."

"Prince, that was good work participating in the various competitions. Well then, let's head to the site of the exhibition match, shall we?"

Two Stars Sparkle Together!

Karin Icon Karin: "——Now then, let's shift to the exhibition match. It'll be a mock battle where all participants are split into two groups!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "When it comes to the Kingdom, there has to be a mock battle~♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "——Mock battle, eh...? Say, Anri, which team is Anri gonna be?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "I'm thinking that one. What about you, Raichi-san...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Fufu, I'm thinking this team! Let's use this battle to settle our rivalry!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Well, the battlefield's wide, so I don't know if we'll clash. Nevertheless, let's test the results of our training here."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Yukihime, make sure you watch our decisive clash."

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Please also give a reward to the winner~♪"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Ehh, r-reward...? Then I'll make you a treat, OK?"

Anri (School) AW Icon Anri: "Since the reward is Yukihime's treat, it'll motivate me to do my best. Well then, Raichi-san, next we meet, let's settle this!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "As you wish! C'mon, Prince, let's have a strategy conference for our team at once!"

Raichi: "It looks like they have many bandits, gunners, and archers."

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "I guess... They're all specialised in physical attacks...?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Nah, so long as Anri's over there, I believe all their weapons will be imbued with magic. So I believe it would be good to think about dealing against magical attacks!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod-nod)."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Muh, don't give me a look like I did a good job—! I did a bunch of training with Anri, so I'm not the old me!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Now then, is everyone ready? I'll count down. Three! Two—! One! Begin!!"


Karin Icon Karin: "——Enough! Everyone, please return to your positions!"

Lehren Icon Lehren: "Now then, now then, the results are... Ooh! Prince's side won! The athletics festival was white-hot till the very end...!"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "——Haa, haa... H, how's that, Anri! My win!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Muu, I have no choice but to acknowledge it. The match this time is Raichi-san's win."

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Th, this time...?"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "I'm Raichi-san's rival, right? If that's the case, wouldn't it be nice if we challenge each other to various things as rivals working hard together?"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "Ah, Anri~!! Uuugh, I'm so happy! Anri is my rival! My eternal rival!"

Anri (School) Icon Anri: "Even so, you exaggerate each and every little reaction, Raichi-san! If we don't go help clean up soon, we'll be scolded by Lehren-sensei—!"

Yukihime (School) Icon Yukihime: "Well then, I'll cheer for you two. Fure-fure, Raichi-chan, fure-fure, Anri-chan~♪"

Raichi (School) Icon Raichi: "This is gonna be a very fun school life...! You two, please look after me, OK~♪"

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