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Unit Capacity determines the maximum number of units that the player can possess. Players begin with a maximum of 58, and through a variety of methods can eventually increase this to 242.

  • Players can buy Box Expansions in the Shop, which grants them 4 more capacity for the price of 1 Sacred Crystal. This can be done up to 35 times for a total of 140 capacity. After purchasing all 35 Expansions, additional Barracks may be purchased - details below.
  • Each time the player increases their Rank to a multiple of 10 (e.g. 10, 20, 30), 1 extra capacity is given. In total, the player can receive 20 extra unit capacity from this method.
  • Completing certain numbers of Challenge Quests (multiples of five but not ten; i.e. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55) will grant the player an additional 2 unit capacity each, for a total of 12.
  • Completing certain Story Missions (Citadel Battle, Castle Retake and Base Scramble II) earns the player an additional 4 unit capacity the first time each mission is completed, totaling 12 extra unit capacity.

Barracks Extensions[]

Shop Barracks.png

This may be purchased twice, each time for 30 SC. Each purchase unlocks an additional barracks that may hold up to 400 units, for a total of 800 unit capacity outside of your main barracks. This option will become available after purchasing Box Expansion 35 times. Purchasing this for the second time also unlocks the "Spirit Barracks" and the "Silver Unit Storage".

Spirit Storage[]

Menu Spirit Storage.png

The Spirit Storage (聖霊預かり所) is a special barracks that can hold up to 150 of each type of Fodder Unit (excluding Gold Armor, Bonbori, and various unique fodder units such Yakumo, Senko, and Hanny).

Translated UI

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Gold- Unit Storage[]

The Gold- Unit Storage (★3★4ユニット預かり所) is a special barracks that can hold up to 99 of each Iron, Bronze, Silver or Gold rarity unit. Units placed within will have their level, affection, cost, and skill level reset. Therefore, it is not advisable to store any Silvers or Golds that will see combat use. Units that have undergone Class Change or are currently locked cannot be stored.

If the silver unit to be stored is level 30 or above, 1 Amour will be granted to the player. This spirit, only usable with Silver units, grants enough experience to take a silver from level 1 to 30 instantly. Likewise, if the gold unit is level 20 or above, 1 Plaisir will be granted.