Aigishelper is a Chrome extension to translate Aigis into English. I've decided that it's far enough along to release it in its current state for people to test. There are many, many disclaimers to go along with this.

  • This is nowhere near finished. It's never crashed the game for me, but it's possible. It's also possible that DMM could detect you using it and disapprove. This is very much not DMM-endorsed but I made it with no intention of doing anything the least bit nefarious and I would hope they would understand that. That said, it's a possibility. Please use at your own risk.
  • Only a tiny part of the text is translated. A lot of the UI is done, and all of the names are translated. Skills and abilities and such are in progress. Anyone who wanted to contribute to help translating would still be appreciated.
  • I took some creative liberties with some of the translations. Some of this is just personal preference, though for a lot of it there actually is a reason, the biggest one being space. Japanese text is much more compact than English (compare: "技強化大聖霊ムジカ" to "Great Spirit of Skill Strengthening Musica"). I've tried to make it fit in the text boxes where I can, which involved some artistic license in some cases. In other cases it just wasn't possible. I've made Aigishelper with the ability to give it your own translation file so if it really bothers you (or if you want to try doing it yourself) you can make your own translation, or add to the existing one.
  • Using this extension will increase load times somewhat. Hopefully not too much.
  • This is a work in progress. Some things may change. This also applies to translations.
  • Translation of UI graphics (buttons, etc.) is in progress

Before you use the extension, you'll need to give it a translation file to work with. Go into the extension options from the Chrome extension menu and paste this into the text box:

Then click Save, and the extension should be ready to use.

Please report bugs here.

You can get the extension from here. Please let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it.

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