The personal unit list template is designed to be very easy to use even if you have no experience with wiki editing. To add a unit list to your profile, first go to your profile, either by clicking on your name in a comment or by going to your user menu in the top right and clicking "view profile." From there, you'll need to enter the classic editor by clicking on the "Classic Editor" button in the menu on the right.


Make sure you're in source mode in the classic editor. If you edit in visual mode, everything will show up as just text when you save.

There are three parts to the unit list. The first two are the list start and end templates. Copy and paste these two lines into your profile. Do not change "Kkentauro" to your own name, that is part of the address where the templates are stored on the wiki.



Between those two lines now you can add as many units as you want. Each unit entry will look like this:


Again, do not change "Kkentauro" to your own name. The parts you'll want to change are "name", "level", "rank", "skill", and "cr", which should all be self-explanatory.

  • Rank can be either empty ("rank="), omitted, or one of "CC", "AW", "AW2" for non-black units, or "AW2v1", or "AW2v2" for black units.
  • If your unit is SAW, you can replace "skill=XX" with "saw=y" to represent that.
  • The correct icon will automatically be chosen, except for a few units that do not yet have art for specific ranks.
  • All units up to Estrie have been set up to use correct maximum values automatically. If the maximum values are incorrect, you can override them by adding "|maxcr=XX", "|maxskill=XX", and "|maxlevel=XX". Please let me know if a unit before this point is missing values.
  • Similarly if a unit's icon is incorrect (most likely because of missing art), you can set it manually with "|icon=XX", for example "|icon=Alissa (Christmas) AW Icon.png", which you can find on the unit's page.
  • All parameters (icon, maxlevel, maxcr, etc.) are case sensitive. Those words must be all lower case. For example, "Icon=" will not work, it must be "icon=".
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