{{categorize}} is a tool for indexing the unit array and filtering desired results. It also can reference a class array for class placement information. The current commands that can be used are as follows


in:"Field"="value" <-- Include

This would do an exact match in the current field, for the value specified. So, in:Rarity=Black would only find units with ['Rarity'] = Black.

ex:"Field"="value" <-- Exclude

Same as in:, but instead it excludes them from the results. ex:Rarity=Bronze would show all units except bronze rarity.

in$:"Field"="value" and ex$:"Field"="value" <--Include/Exclude (Partial)

same as the above two, but instead of an exact match, it will allow a partial match using lua pattern matching or any form of plain text. "ex$:Name=Distant" would remove anyone with distant in their name.

Pre= and Suf= <-- Prefix/Suffix

Allows you to wrap the whole call into anything, really. Very useful for running this through into a template. Has special keywords.

  • {{!}} used to make a pipe ( | ). This isn't unique to this template, more of a reminder.
  • <DRCB/> "Double Right Curley Brackets. For calling templates, you can't use pipes or curlies, use these instead
  • <DLCB/> "Double Left Curley Brackets. same as above.

Pre=<DRCB/>IconCenter{{!}}<DRCB/>IconRow{{!}} and Suf={{!}}width=60<DLCB/><DLCB/> would make a centered icon row, for example, when used with the proper separators.

Sep= <-- Seperator

with the above example, you would use "Sep={{!}}" to put pipes inbetween each result, rather then having them join into one big string.

IPL="number" <-- Item per line

will set how many items appear before a new line is created. When used with prefix and suffixes, repeats them each line. works with suffixes, too.

Text= <-- Text (thanks, captain!) By default, nothing will appear. use special keywords and plain text to be displayed for each entry

  • <NAME/> will display the units literal name.
  • <PAGE/> will display a page tag in their array if they have one, otherwise defaults to <NAME/>.
  • <IMG/> will display a image tag in their array if they have one, otherwise defaults to <IMG/>.


More of a filter for the first letter. Uses pattern matching. [A-G] would show only units with capital letters from A all the way to G. [^A-G] would do the opposite. Plain text works fine, too.

Start= and End=

If you need to transclude a bunch of pages each call, you can split the result up into multiple pages. Ie, one page has no start and an end set to 100, the second has start set to 101, end at 200. etc.


For finding errors in the database. Top is a list of units who did were missing an array setting (not always a bad thing), the middle is normal and the bottom is plaintext, non-wikified version.


Tip for use: It may be worth typing out how you want it, then replace the words with the keywords.





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