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  • I live in Chikyuu
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  • My occupation is Lol, occupations.
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  • Turtle50VP

    I hate everything about the tech choices I've made now...

    In summary, Apple sucks.

    Stuck on trying to network monitoring system going on my phone without jailbreaking... yeah, nope, doesn't work due to app security features.

    Stuck on trying to translate some lua scripts to be more Mac friendly... except I'm fairly certain something messed with my installation of lua, making it almost unusable...

    And trying to get a tool to convert lua script to c failed miserably... because the script also happens to be written in lua...  Lua is quickly becoming my least favorite scripting language...

    Sigh... It's 4:44 AM...  I really should not be doing this anymore... Research meeting tomorrow, and a crapton of work still left to do.


    I think I'll hav…

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  • Turtle50VP

    ML Aigis

    February 8, 2018 by Turtle50VP

    So I'm taking an ML class. Thus, random ideas for Aigis: 1. ML Algorithm which can play the game for me after I play about a couple month's worth of training data. Will need to make an efficient way to rasterize the game to provide enough info for the algorithm to play. Also will likely only be useful for either farming missions or blind running easier missions. 2. ML Algorithm which uses training data from team composition questions paired with recommendations and answers to build an (probably decision tree) algorithm for analyzing team composition and then outputting a recommended unit of a specified rarity.

    Oh yeah, sidenote, planning on trying to translate the all ages dialogue. Because I'm learning Japanese, and it's been a while s…

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