Vampire and the holy avenger

Vampire and the Holy Avenger (ヴァンパイアと聖なる復讐者) is a farming-based urgent mission that ran from 24/03/16 to 31/03/16.

The long-forgotten clan of Vampires have begun making their move again, and they appear to be tricking and enslaving humans for their meals! Rumaria, a vampire hunter, was brainwashed by the leader of the Vampires, the Vampire Duke, into attacking the Prince and his party. Trying to convince Rumaria of the impending danger, the Prince chases after her and ends up confronting the Duke himself in a fierce battle!


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
One Born From Ash
20 140 750 10 8
Rumaria Icon
Rumaria Lv5
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 22
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Those Who Hunt Vampires
25 180 1125 10 8
Rumaria Icon
Rumaria Lv6
Soma Icon
Soma Lv6
2 10 35
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver -
Experienced Priest Warrior
30 220 1800 10 8
Rumaria Icon
Rumaria Lv8
Nicholaus Icon
Nicholaus Lv8
4 10 40
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Incessant Fluttering
40 300 2250 10 8
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv10
Alissa Icon
Alissa Lv10
5 10 60
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Duke's Livestock Stable
55 420 2700 10 8
Rumaria Icon
Rumaria Lv15
Harissa Icon
Harissa Lv15
7 10 57
Rosalie Icon
Rosalie Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Rumaria's Resolve
90 580 3600 10 8
Rumaria Icon
Rumaria Lv20
Verotte Icon
Verotte Lv20
12 10 36
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Rumaria CC Sprite
Ranged (150)
Physical 4500 140×3 50
MR 20
Initial: 15
Move: 21
Missile: 12
3 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 1 time (total of 2 lives).
200×3 100
MR 20
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).
Nicholaus Sprite
Physical 3000 350 200
MR 10
Initial: 12
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 1 time (total of 2 lives).
Lesser Vampire
Lesser Vampire
Physical 7000 300 0 151
Initial: 20
1 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units cannot attack, cannot use skills, and have halved defense.
Greater Vampire Sprite
Greater Vampire
Physical 20000 400 0 76
Initial: 10
2 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units cannot attack, cannot use skills, and have halved defense.
Gold Bat Sprite
Gold Bat
Ranged (28)
Physical 1500 20 50
MR 20
Initial: 2
Move: 25
Missile: 0
1 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units are ignored by enemies.
Vampire Duke Sprite
Vampire Duke
Physical 30000 1500 300
MR 30
Initial: 45
3 UP
Vampire Princess Sprite
Vampire Princess
Ranged (30)
Physical 7000 450 50 136
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 0
2 UP
Melee attack paralyzes target after one hit. Paralyzed units can't attack, block, or use skills. Paralysis lasts 12 seconds.
Green Skeleton Cavalry Sprite
Green Skeleton Cavalry
Physical 2800 750 280 160
Initial: 24
2 UP
Red Skeleton Cavalry Sprite
Red Skeleton Cavalry
Physical 8000 900 400 160
Initial: 24
2 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
One Born From Ash

Rosalie: "Haa... Who in the world scattered all this ash. I don't believe it."

Rosalie: "I won't allow the plants and trees of this beautiful forest to be dirtied by such ash... I'm going to clean up here."

Anna: "Let me also join you. It'll be cleaned up faster than if one person were to do it."

???: "Lost sight of her at a crucial moment. I'm sure she escaped this way..."

???: "—!? That ash...!"

Rosalie: "This ash? Right now, it's being gathered by everyone. By the way, who are you—?"

???: "I see... you intend to collect the ash in order to resurrect her. My eyes aren't mistaken!"

???: "I, Lumaria, condemn you in the name of god! Prepare yourself!"

Anna: "Condemn!? P, Prince! Though it's hard to swallow the situation we're in, she seems to consider us as enemies!"


Lumaria: "Kuh... Looks like I have no choice but to escape."

Anna: "Ah, she's gone. What in the world was that about?"

Rosalie: "The only thing that comes to mind is that we got caught up in some storm. Now then, let's pull ourselves together, and stuff the ash in this bag—Kyaa, the ash suddenly started to move!?"

Anna: "The ash looks like it's gathering together to form something. Th, this... is a human shape...?"

Khuri: "Could it be... a vam... pire...?"

???: "Were you the ones who gathered my ash? You have my gratitude. I'm Racua. A vampire."

Khuri: "No way... Are you telling me we resurrected a vampire...?"

Racua: "This must be fate. I shall give you one piece of advice as thanks. There is a vampire, possessing great power, plotting to enslave all of humanity."

Anna: "Enslave all of humanity...!?"

Racua: "I shall tell you in detail. Rest assured. I don't respond to the blood of humans."

Khuri: "Prince, I've been hunting vampires for years, but I've certainly heard of vampires, who are allies of humans, that have suppressed their bloodlust."

Khuri: "And among vampires, there exists many clans. If what she says is true, then we have a problem..."

Racua: "It appears you comprehend the gravity of the situation. Now then, I'll have you guide me to a quiet place."

Racua Introduction

"This is a story of the world before the monsters revived. Long ago, many vampires existed in this world, and there existed clans of various genealogies."

"They were restraint and there were no open wars among the clans, but when the number of humans decreased due to the monsters' revival, that harmony was disrupted."

"Vampires always had to keep their numbers in check. If there's too many, we would be wringing our own necks if we allowed humanity to perish."

"Inevitably, we vampires fought. The many clans from back then were reduced to three powers that still exist to this day. This was all to keep our numbers in balance."

"Reduced in number, the three clans that survived didn't become one; each of them had their own view towards humanity."

"The Hardliners who live according to their vampire instincts. The Rulers who enslave humans, and adjust their ecosystem. The Coexisters who live by cooperating with humans."

"And I am the leader of the Coexisters."

"After the monsters' revival, the three clans watched calmly without getting involved by keeping each other in check; however, due to the Hardliners being destroyed by the humans, the situation has suddenly changed."

"The Rulers have set up a dictatorship, and assaulted and annihilated us Coexisters who were in a minority."

"The Rulers have already merged with human society, and are skillfully manipulating the humans. Now that my clan has been destroyed, they'll be setting their plans into motion."

Those Who Hunt Vampires

Racua: "I'll seek out the leader of the Rulers. Although the humans that were hunting me earlier were assassins sent by the Rulers, I do not wish to fight with humans."

Racua: "Vampires can exist alongside humans. One-sided exploitation will only result in both sides being at a disadvantage. For the sake of both sides, I shall protect humans."

Anna: "In that case, let us also accompany you. I'm worried about that woman from earlier. I have a feeling she knows the whereabouts of the Rulers' leader."

Khuri: "Vampire hunters joining hands with vampires... I never thought I'd see the day I would say this. If our goals are the same, then fighting together would be best."

Racua: "You lot... there are few humans who understand us Coexisters. From now on, please look after me."

Lumaria: "—Found you, Racua. So you managed to revive yourself after all... This time, I shall pierce your heart with my own hands!"

Anna: "Prince, Racua-san...! We'll talk later! Let's hurry and rescue her!"


Anna: "At last, they withdrew. However, this means we can't have her listen to what we have to say..."

Racua: "They're being deceived. The Rulers' leader has the title of 'Duke' in human society. He's using that title, and manipulating the humans."

Racua: "I won't forgive them. The Ruler vampires declaring people as their food, not to mention controlling their thoughts and actions to create a nice reality that is convenient for themselves."

Anna: "If the enemy has merged with human society, then we can't resolve the situation by normal means, but if this keeps up, they'll become the Duke's meal..."

Anna: "Prince, if they show up again, let's try talking with them one more time."

Experienced Priest Warrior

Lumaria: "Nicholaus-sama!? You came to assist! Your support is reassuring."

Nicholaus: "Gahhahhahah! Since I'm here, there's nothing to fear. Now then, let us corner Racua together!"

Lumaria: "Yes! However, please be careful. According to Duke-sama, that vampire is considerably powerful."

Lumaria: "Moreover, if one were to slay a normal vampire and turn them into ash, that would be enough to destroy them, but that vampire is able to resurrect herself."

Nicholaus: "Having the power of resurrection means she's a fairly high-ranking kind even among vampires."

Lumaria: "—! That's Racua! It looks like she brought people from her clan."

Anna: "P, please wait! We're not your enemy. We're humans! I beg of you, please lower your weapons!"

Nicholaus: "What does a clan of vampires like you think you'll accomplish by calling yourselves humans? You have some nerve..."

Lumaria: "They were gathering ash to resurrect the vampire... they're working for her... That is the only thing I can think of."

Lumaria: "You vampires, I, Lumaria, will exorcise you without fail! Now then, prepare yourselves!!"


Anna: "Everyone, enough, please stop fighting! We're not the enemy! And that includes Racua-san as well."

Anna: "The Duke that leads you is a vampire, and the instigator of this war. I beg of you, please listen to what we have to say!"

Nicholaus: "Duke-dono... is a vampire? Dahhaha, you're killing me. It's been a long time since someone made me laugh."

Lumaria: "Calling the noble and trustworthy Duke a cold-blooded vampire... You have gone too far!"

Lumaria: "We have no time for your slanderous remarks. Nicholaus-sama, let us withdraw temporarily to request aid from Duke-sama."

Racua: "... They're gone. Accursed Duke, it appears he has completely ensnared the minds of those humans. However, they're heading to the Duke's location..."

Anna: "I have a bad feeling about this... Prince, let's follow after them!"

Incessant Fluttering

Anna: "Lumaria-san and the others should've retreated around here. Let's search the vicinity for the time being."

Soldier: "Messenger! Several enemies have been sighted in the surrounding area!"

Racua: "Accursed Duke... He foresaw that we would chase after Lumaria, and made arrangements."

Duke: "—I'm extremely delighted by your praise! It's been a while, Racua. Still soaking in your lukewarm ideals to coexist with the humans, I see."

Racua: "I see you became quite adept at mimicking humans. Do you plan on becoming a stage actor?"

Duke: "Hold your tongue, shame of vampire-kind. Where have you, who was the farthest in beauty and power, gone?"

Racua: "Beauty? Power? I don't recall showing off such idle restrictions. Your eyes must be hollow. By the way, what happened to Lumaria and the others?"

Duke: "Their treatment has been decided. Domestic animals who don't have any utility value are only good for eating. The blood of a young woman is a delicacy, I'm quite looking forward to it."

Duke: "That's how things stand. I'm sorry, but please excuse me. If you live, may we meet again. My beautiful, yet foolish, kin, Racua..."

Soldier: "Report! An undead offensive is pressing against our front lines!"

Anna: "Kuh... Prince, let's concentrate on escaping this deathtrap now."


Anna: "We somehow managed to make the undead retreat. However, we let the Duke escape..."

Nicholaus: "—H, help... me..."

Anna: "Nicholaus-san!? Those wounds...!? You're bleeding!"

Nicholaus: "Everything was as you said... The Duke... He's a monster."

Nicholaus: "In order to squeeze out blood from humans, he inflicts only enough wounds so they won't die, and then collects the dripping blood to quench his thirst..."

Khuri: "I see. They won't transform into vampires so long as he doesn't bite them. That way he can keep sucking their blood forever."

Nicholaus: "Lumaria-dono... is still being held captive by them... I beg of you, please save her..."

Anna: "If nothing's done, Lumaria-san will fall into the Duke's hands..."

Racua: "Either way, we must destroy the Duke. Nicholaus, I shall have you guide us there."

Duke's Livestock Stable

Nicholaus: "Here is the place the Duke refers to as the 'Livestock Stable'..."

Rosalie: "What are those piles of bones...? Are you... kidding me? Are they... all human...?"

Duke: "—Hoh. Not dying to such wounds, what a wonderful creature."

Lumaria: "Nicholaus-sama... Uugh... No... Why did you... come back...?"

Duke: "You went to all that trouble to escape, how unbelievably foolish. I'm baffled as to why you came back here again to be slaughtered."

Racua: "Humans are a race that care about each other, and will sometimes risk their lives in a desire to help others. You, who have no allies or friends, wouldn't understand."

Duke: "I have no interest in colluding with livestock. My desire is a social structure to regulate blood. It is proper for humans to be led by us vampires."

Lumaria: "My... mission was to hunt vampires... yet I was the playing piece of such a hateful monster... I... I ahh... Uughh..."

Duke: "Such exquisite cries. Despair and regret are a human's sweetness! ... Ahh, your blood is delicious."

Anna: "How heinous... I won't permit it. Let's hurry and rescue Lumaria at once! Prince, prepare for battle!"


Duke: "—Guh, ahh... No way, impossible... Humans have overpowered me...?"

Duke: "Damned livestock! Do you really think you'll be OK with this? Remember your lives until now! All those days that were filled with peace and harmony."

Duke: "You enjoyed peace under a perfect rule in a world swarming with monsters. Isn't that reason enough to present me with one or two grimy bodies to be used like blood bags!?"

Lumaria: "It's unreasonable to pay for a false peace with lives..."

Duke: "For a blood bag, spouting nonsense about 'life'... Doesn't matter. At any rate, the blood that can be milked in this land is starting to become limited."

Duke: "I shall build up a wonderful new world filled with a new order of rationality and harmony, and create a perpetual blood collecting machine. You shall see. Fuhahaha!!"

Nicholaus: "He escaped... Well, it's a miracle that we're even alive... Lumaria-dono is also safe... I'm so relieved..."

Lumaria: "Nicholaus-sama... I feel as if I'm finally able to set foot on the path of truth... Prince-sama, thank you so much..."

Nicholaus: "Prince-dono, please let us go with you. Along with apologising for my disrespect until now, I wish to repay your kindness for saving us."

Anna: "I couldn't ask for a better offer. From now on, please look after us. Umm, Racua-san, how about you?"

Racua: "I'll follow after the Duke. I must leave your company for now. Stay safe."

Anna: "Sooner or later, the day we fight with the vampires again will come... No, now's the time to be happy that we're able to rescue Lumaria-san. Prince, splendid work."

Lumaria's Resolve

Lumaria: "No way... Vampires in the city..."

Nicholaus: "So the Duke finally unleashed the vampires of his clan...?"

(vampire appears)

Lumaria: "That vampire on the fountain...! She's the vampire that killed my family... There's no mistake, I would never forget that face..."

Nicholaus: "Don't lose yourself, Lumaria-dono. This incompetent Nicholaus is with you. If you run off, I'll stop you even if you hit me, OK?"

Lumaria: "I'm OK... I'm OK... Now I have friends... However, I'll be the one who slays that vampire on the fountain."

Nicholaus: "... As you wish. Then I'll pray for you, Lumaria-dono."

Lumaria: "Lord, I have sinned. I am a slave of sin. Lord, I am an avenger who seeks to avenge myself. Lord, from my heart, please... let me kill her."

Lumaria: "... Prepare yourself, vampire. I shall take back myself before you're destroyed."


Anna: "All of the enemies have been vanquished..."

Lumaria: "This... is the end...? Have I taken revenge... for everyone...?"

Lumaria: "Sob... father... mother... I'm sorry... I wasn't there to protect you... forgive me... Please forgive my body that was driven by passion..."

Nicholaus: "Face forward, Lumaria-dono. This scenery is the world you will live in from now on..."

Lumaria: "I can't see anything with these tearsss... Fueee..."

Nicholaus: "Of course you can't see anything! The world is mysterious and filled with untrodden ground! Let's walk it together! Gahhahhahah!"

Lumaria: "Yes... Thank you... Sob... Thank youuu..."

Anna: "Prince, from now on, let's support Lumaria-san together, OK?"

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