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Warriors of the End (終末の戦士たち) is a star rush urgent mission running from 07/11/19 to 21/11/19.

Unit Details[edit | edit source]

Unit Class Skill AW Skill
Pre-AW Ability AW Ability
Katara Icon.png
Curse User 呪界
Cursed Boundary
Class attribute effects are slightly increased. Enemies within range receive small constant damage that ignores defense and magic resistance.
Absolute Cursed Boundary
Class attribute effects are increased. Enemies within range receive small constant damage that ignores defense and magic resistance. Usable once per sortie.
Attack Up
Attack increases by 10%.
Guardian's Cursed Strength
Attack increases and Cost is reduced.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Calliope joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Katara joins Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Initial Level 10 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 40
Earn 25 stars Initial Level 50
Earn 26 stars Freude
Earn 27 stars Onyx

Missions[edit | edit source]

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Destructive Power's Guardian
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Bow) A Icon.png
Soldier (Bow) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 62
Beer Icon.png
Beer -
Raging Winds
30 200 1275 10 8
Mischa Icon.png
Mischa Lv8
Roy Icon.png
Roy Lv8 x2
2 10 47
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Weather: Strong Winds
Scorching Lava Tube
40 250 1500 10 8
Harissa Icon.png
Harissa Lv10
Palace Icon.png
Palace Lv10
3 10 34
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
Inferno: Continuous HP degeneration
Icy Cave
50 300 2250 10 8
Eunice Icon.png
Eunice Lv12
Iroha Icon.png
Iroha Lv12
5 20 64
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon.png
Commanded Demons
70 350 3000 10 8
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv15
Kagerou Icon.png
Kagerou Lv15
6 20 70
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon.png
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Civilian-Rescuing Knight
40 270 1800 10 8
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv10
Cassis Icon.png
Cassis Lv10
4 10 61
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon.png
Choice Sake
Secluded Solitary Island
50 300 2250 10 8
Dorca Icon.png
Dorca Lv12
Verotte Icon.png
Verotte Lv12
5 15 34
Merone Icon.png
Merone Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Every Nation Joint Military Exercise
100 250 1800 20 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
2 20 78
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow
While Teeny is present, all Females' ATK/DEF is increased.
Gathered Warriors
70 350 3000 10 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv15
Waltz Icon.png
Waltz Lv15
6 25 95
Soma Icon.png
Soma Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
While the Governor-General and Waltz are present, all enemies' ATK/DEF is increased.

Notable Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Unit
Ifrit Sprite.png
Ranged (165) Magic
Splash 200
25000 300 300 221
Initial: 70
Move: 121
Missile: 6
3 UP
Yeti Sprite.png
Melee Physical 6000 820 220
MR 20
Initial: 12
2 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Frost Giant Sprite.png
Frost Giant
Ranged (107)
Magic 70000 1500 300 301
Initial: 50
Move: 181
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.

Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.

  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Demon Mage Sprite.png
Demon Mage
Ranged (200)
Splash 147
30000 400 350
MR 70
Initial: 50
Move: 121
Missile: 6
3 UP
Uses melee attack while blocked.
Physical 2000 141
Initial: 36
White Archdemon Sprite.png
White Archdemon
Ranged (150)
Physical 10000 1000 150
MR 60
Initial: 46
Move: 71
Missile: 10
2 UP
Decius Sprite.png
Ranged (250)
Physical 10000 500 400
MR 20
Initial: 25
Move: 91
Missile: 15
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Wererat Sprite.png
Physical 4500 300 50
MR 5
Initial: 24
1 UP
Units within range 140 suffer 30 damage per 0.1 seconds (300 damage per second).
Gillman Sprite.png
Physical 10000 750 500
MR 20
Initial: 45
1 UP
Makai Boar Sprite.png
Makai Boar
Physical 100000 4500 50
MR 5
Initial: 65
3 UP
Mine Sprite.png
Physical 11000 480 350 146
Initial: 24
3 UP
Landmine Sprite.png
Melee Physical 10 2500 50 1000
2 UP
Upon death or after a set time, explodes for 100% damage area attack with radius 60.

Cannot be targeted unless it is engaged with a blocker.

Renarde CC Sprite.png
Ranged (260)
Physical 9500 750 200
MR 10
Initial: 16
Move: 121
Missile: 3
3 UP
Sybilla AW Sprite.png
Ranged (180)
Magic 10000 1000 500
MR 30
Initial: 16
Move: 61
Missile: 12
3 UP
Olivier AW Sprite.png
Olivier (Awakened)
Melee Magic 6000 700 0
MR 30
Initial: 15
3 UP
100% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Saki AW Sprite.png
Ranged (180)
Physical 8000 700 300
MR 10
Initial: 4
Move: 1
Missile: 7
3 UP
Nagi AW Sprite.png
Ranged (180)
Physical 10000 1100 400
MR 10
Initial: 20
Move: 1
Missile: 7
3 UP
Teeny AW Sprite.png
Melee Physical 24000 700 400 121
Initial: 18
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all female enemies by 20%.

All enemies regenerate at a rate of 180HP/s.

Shizuka AW Sprite.png
Physical 18000 1500 600
MR 10
Initial: 14
3 UP
While blocked, regenerates at a rate of 3%/0.483s (6.2%/s).
Pupuru AW Sprite.png
Ranged (432) Magic 12000 450 200
MR 15
Initial: 32
Move: 101
Missile: 7
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Horus Enemy Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Magic 12000 500 400 87
Initial: 20
Move: 51
Missile: 10
3 UP
Deals half damage at range.
Iron Golem Enemy Sprite.png
Iron Golem
Physical 60000 4000 2500
MR 50
Initial: 150
3 UP
Does not use ranged attack until HP is 99% or lower. Uses melee attack while blocked.
Ranged (267)
Splash 133
3500 406
Initial: 130
Move: 241
Missile: 3
Maid Golem Sprite.png
Maid Golem
Physical 30000 2500 1500
MR 50
Initial: 80
3 UP
Barricade Sprite.png
Melee - 100000 - 100 1000
1 UP
Degenerates at a rate of 1860HP/s.
Anya AW Sprite.png
Anya (Awakened)
Ranged (60)
Magic 13000 1000 650
MR 20
Initial: 24
Move: 201
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
White Goblin Sprite.png
White Goblin
Physical 12000 3900 300 101
Initial: 12
2 UP
Setsuna CC Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Physical 45000 800 300
MR 10
Initial: 8
Move: 11
Missile: 5
3 UP
Units within range 200 suffer 20 damage per 0.167 seconds (120 damage per second).

Degenerates at a rate of 20HP/s.

Setsuna CC Sprite.png
Setsuna (Clone)
Ranged (200)
Physical 12000 600 300
MR 10
Initial: 8
Move: 11
Missile: 5
1 UP
Kibahime AW Sprite.png
Ranged (80)
Physical 70000 3000 250
MR 10
Initial: 16
Move: 17
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Kibashuu Sprite.png
Ranged (149)
Physical 8000 800 500
MR 10
Initial: 35
Move: 81
Missile: 2
2 UP
50% chance to avoid physical attacks.
Kibashuu (Claw) Sprite.png
Kibashuu (Claw)
Physical 13000 730 500
MR 10
Initial: 15
2 UP
50% chance to avoid physical attacks.
Waltz Sprite.png
- 10000 - 120 350
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all enemies by 20%.
Yurina AW Sprite.png
Yurina (Awakened)
Physical 16000 420 600
MR 90
Initial: 24
3 UP
Elva Enemy.png
Armored Human
Physical 10000 600 300
MR 20
Initial: 20
3 UP
Has an aura.
White Emperor Sprite.png
White Emperor
Ranged (190)
True 50000 1500 1300
MR 20
Initial: 12
Move: 61
Missile: 10
3 UP
Aleida Sprite.png
Ranged (230)
Splash 133.33
15000 1000 400
MR 10
Initial: 30
Move: 81
Missile: 6
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all enemies by 20%.
Rocket Trooper Sprite.png
Rocket Trooper
Ranged (180)
Physical 5500 500 400
MR 10
Initial: 5
Move: 1
Missile: 0
1 UP
Patricia Sprite.png
Ranged (360)
Physical 22000 900 300
MR 10
Initial: 12
Move: 41
Missile: 0
3 UP

Fame[edit | edit source]

Menu Fame.png

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 救民の騎士 (40/4) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 隠されし孤島 (50/5) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Destructive Power's Guardian

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "——You discovered the whereabouts of the 'Power of Destruction', you say?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "No, no, I haven't discovered it. Rather the stars were merely indicating that a great power is slumbering in this area."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "That information alone would be a great step. We still don't know the true identity of the 'Power of Destruction', but it's a fact Maou Garius is after it."

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Which brings us to travelling all this way to the Flower Country... Now then, where could the 'Power of Destruction' be hiding——?"

Katara Icon.png ???: "——Wait you lot! Entry is forbidden!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "E, entry's forbidden!? There weren't any signs..."

Katara Icon.png ???: "It's been traditionally established in all the villages in this area that entry is forbidden! ... Eh, huh? You not knowing that, you don't live around these parts, do you?"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "We hail from the Kingdom. We can't give the details surrounding our visit to this place, but..."

Katara Icon.png ???: "... Heeh, Kingdom? You're the ones they say are travelling around, fighting the monsters? So, your coming here must mean the 'Power of Destruction' is your target, right?"

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "... You know of the 'Power of Destruction'? If it's alright, we would like you to take us to where it's kept."

Katara Icon.png ???: "... Indeed, it has been passed down from my ancestors to entrust the handling of the 'Power of Destruction' when the descendant of the Hero King appears, but..."

???: "But no! If you approach the 'Power of Destruction' recklessly, both your bodies and minds will be wholly consumed under its influence!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "I'm grateful for your concern, but we cannot let that power fall into the hands of Maou's Army. We must secure it as soon as possible——"

Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png Soldier: "——Prince! Report! Report! A group of monsters are approaching!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "It looks like we're going to have to deal with the monsters first. Please hide behind us!"

Katara Icon.png ???: "Ehh, eehh!? Monsters have never shown themselves here..."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "Maou's Army must also be getting desperate in the search for the 'Power of Destruction'. Prince-kun, please give the order for engagement, OK?"


Katara Icon.png ???: "... You defeated all of the monsters?"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "Aye. They weren't much. However, Maou's Army must have also noticed that the 'Power of Destruction' is here."

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "For them to march an army to a place monsters have never shown themselves before, nothing besides that comes to mind..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... In that case, this place is also in danger. Umm, please. Won't you hand over the 'Power of Destruction'...?"

Katara Icon.png ???: "You were adept at repelling the monsters from earlier. Indeed, if it's you, then perhaps you can protect the 'Power of Destruction'."

???: "But I cannot hand it over with a simple 'here you go'. Now that things have come to this, I must accompany you as the fragment guardian of this land."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Umm, so you'll help us search for the 'Power of Destruction'?"

Katara Icon.png ???: "That's right. If I left it to you lot, I have little doubt you'll be swallowed by the 'Power of Destruction', unable to control it."

Katara: "I am Katara. My clan has protected the fragments of the 'Power of Destruction' that have been sealed in this land for generations."

Katara: "I'll tell you the details later, so how about we move to a place where we can leisurely talk?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Understood. Well then, Prince, let's return to the Kingdom for now."

Katara Introduction

Katara Icon.png Katara: "——Now then, I was wondering how much you lot know about the 'Power of Destruction'?"

Shadia NPC Icon.png Shadia: "I told them the 'Power of Destruction' is a piece of Maou's power during the Millennium War."

"The Maou then used a power, that surpassed his own vessel, in the form of the 'Power of Destruction'."

"And the Maou now has regained the power contained within his own vessel, but hasn't necessarily regained the power he once had during the Millennium War."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I see... So you know nothing about the origin of the 'Power of Destruction' itself."

"Then I'll tell you, so listen carefully so as to not miss a word I say, OK?"

"——The 'Power of Destruction' is a primordial power said to have been created by an old god of destruction before the Millennium War."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... An old god of destruction? So it wasn't something created by Maou Garius?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Maou is merely using the power the god of destruction created."

Shadia NPC Icon.png Shadia: "I see. So when Garius regained his true power, him being unable to immediately seize the 'Power of Destruction' is because it wasn't a thing that actually belonged to him?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I don't know anything but what's been passed down in my clan, so it's not a definite fact."

"And after Maou was defeated long ago, the 'Power of Destruction' was scattered throughout the world."

"His Royal Highness, the Hero King, ordered my ancestors to seal the fragments scattered in the physical realm."

"What I possess is merely a single piece that has been passed down within my clan. You'll have no choice but to seek out the lands where the other fragments have been sealed."

Shadia NPC Icon.png Shadia: "... No, wait, Katara. Earlier, didn't you say something about us being unable to control the 'Power of Destruction'?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I did. If a normal person obtained multiple pieces of the 'Power of Destruction, then that person would be bombarded with a great many ill effects they cannot hope to control."

"However, my clan, coincidentally, has a resistance to the 'Power of Destruction'. Due to our special curse arts and blood that has been passed down from generation to generation."

"So that's why I'll be containing the 'Power of Destruction' for you, so please be grateful, OK?"

Raging Winds

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "——Kyaaaa!? Wh, what's this wind!? It's going to blow me awaaaay!?"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "I, I can hardly fight in this wiiind!"

Katara Icon.png "Stop whining! Aside from the 'Power of Destruction' that was sealed within my possession, the others are sealed in places human hands cannot reach!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "I, I see! So the 2nd 'Power of Destruction' is in a valley where this raging wind blows!"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Ehh? What!? I can't hear you! Shadia, speak up!!"

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "For it to be hidden in this strong wind, it's no wonder no one has found it..."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "H, huh...? Bad news, Prince!! Monsters riding the wind are barrelling towards us!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........!!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Calm down, Bashira! If it's this strong wind, the monsters should slow down once they're moving upwind!!"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Y, you're right!! But this wind makes it difficult for ranged attacks!"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "The monsters goaded by the wind may be faster, but they'll be no problem if you deal with them calmly without panicking!"

Katara: "Prince, the true power of the descendant of His Royal Highness, the Hero King! Please show it to me!"

[Weather: Strong Wind
1) Enemy movement speed buffed
2) Ally range debuffed
3) Certain allies/enemies unaffected]


Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "Zee... Haa.. Hmph, that was a predicament... Fighting in such a strong wind..."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "But thanks to this, we've secured the first 'Power of Destruction'. Look, it's been hiding deep within this shrine."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "More importantly... How many 'Power of Destruction' are left?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Before that, may I check how many fragments you guys have?"

Mammon Icon.png Mammon: "Let's see... The one I was protecting was taken by Gaogao-chan..."

Berna Icon.png Berna: "Mammon, not Gaogao-chan, Gao Lion! There's also the fragment in the shape of the magical thread that was split between us and Maou's army, right?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "So the existence of two have been confirmed... Then as for the remaining 'Power of Destruction', there's four including the one we secured just now."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "... Meaning there's seven 'Power of Destruction' in total?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Absolutely correct! Once you possess the seven 'Power of Destruction', then its bearer may be able to activate their true power. We need to move them to a safe location before they're stolen by Maou."

Katara: "But the next place is a very dangerous one. Please steel yourselves for the worst, OK?"

Scorching Lava Tube

Rita Icon.png Rita: "So hot, I feel like, I'm gonna... melt..."

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "Rather than melting, I feel like I'm going to vaporise at this rate..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Is a 'Power of Destruction' hidden in this lava tube...?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Yeah... Achichi... I told you at the valley they're hidden in places humans cannot enter..."

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "... Meaning we have to go to more awful places like this one later?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Naturally... Now then, let's quickly grab the 'Power of Destruction' and head to the next destination..."

Khuri Icon.png Khuri: "Right... I don't dislike the heat, but this heat is a little unbearable..."

Nenya Icon.png Nenya: "... Ahh, could the 'Power of Destruction' be in that small shrine over there?"

Katara Icon.png Phyllis: "Oh, good job, Nenya! Let's secure it at once and——"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "——Wait, Phyllis! This sound... Monsters are approaching from the depths of the cavern!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Somehow, it looks like we have no choice but to repel the monsters... Prince, everyone's health will also gradually dissipate in this heat."

Anna: "I suggest you keep your comrade's health at the forefront of your mind."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Yet another fight has presented itself. But that footing has heated up from the lava, so it may take some time till it's usable..."

Katara: "I don't want to linger any longer in a hot place like this. Prince, let's clear them away at once!"


Katara Icon.png Katara: "Yosh... We were able to safely secure the 'Power of Destruction' in this cave."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "I see... As a result of gathering multiple 'Power of Destruction', I'm sensing a large magical disturbance."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Oh, you read magical disturbances? But I'm here, so we'll be fine."

Katara: "With my art and ancestors' blood, I can control the 'Power of Destruction' so that it doesn't affect you greatly."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "That's reassuring, Katara-san. ... By the way, it felt like someone has ravaged this entire cavern."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I fear that's the work of Maou's Army, the ones you spoke of. I've been troubled from many similar reports I've been receiving from acquaintances of my clan recently."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Hm—, if Maou's Army is aware of the spots they've been sealed, then there's also a good possibility they'll beat us to the punch..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "I pray it doesn't come to that... In any case, there's no use in overthinking it. Prince, let's hurry onward."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Icy Cave

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "S, s-s-s, sure, I kept saying hot-hot earlier, but!!"

Palace Icon.png Palace: "Th, this time, i-i, it's too cold..."

Valerie Icon.png Valerie: "Also, the footing is quite poor. Even the ground is frozen..."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "But it's precisely because of that I didn't think anyone would come to this sort of place."

Miguel Icon.png Miguel: "Well, I'm sure the ones that prefer living in this sort of place would be animals that like the cold..."

Elene Icon.png Elene: "Or something like a Frost Giant."

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: "... No, no. I wish you wouldn't say things that would jinx us. What'll you do if those things popped out?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I heard from my grandma long ago that if you talk about bad stuff, it'll come true..."

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "Ugh... This sound, not just animals, but I hear the thumping of large footsteps!"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "So those are the aforementioned Frost Giants? Also, cute snowmen have joined in?"

Palace Icon.png Palace: "This isn't the time to be happy...! This frozen ground's going to make things difficult for us..."

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "On the other hand, for the monsters that live here, they're at an advantage if they come at us sliding on the ice."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, watch out for any unexpected movements from the monsters! Please prepare for engagement!"


Katara Icon.png Katara: "There! Secured the 'Power of Destruction'!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Kuh... The effects of its power has grown one step greater..."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Though I haven't rehearsed for it, I should be able to control it properly with my art. ——Look, we'll be fine with this."

Valerie Icon.png Valerie: "... Heeh. Indeed, the magical waves has eased. There was a clan that has been passing down this sort of art."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "At His Royal Highness the Hero King's bidding, we've been living deep in isolation within the Flower Country for a loooong time. The only one left who knows this art should just be me."

Palace Icon.png Palace: "... Doesn't it get lonely living deep in isolation?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "... Well, a little. But this is an important task to protect the world."

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "... From now on, you have allies. So wanna join us in the Kingdom after we secure the 'Power of Destruction' and fortify a safeguard for them?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "... T, true. Well, I'll think it over."

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: (... She looks happy.)

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: (Oh, but if you point that out to her, I bet she'll get as mad as an angry, chirping bird. Let's keep our observations to ourselves, OK?)

Katara Icon.png Katara: "I heard that! Well, next is the hiding place of the final 'Power of Destruction'! Please make sure you're prepared for it!"

Commanded Demons

[——Imperial Territory, Frontier City.]

Dirk Icon.png Imperial Soldier: "——Governor General! Report! Maou's Army has already infiltrated the city and is breaking through each of our battle lines!"

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "Can't be helped. We must do whatever it takes to protect the area around this building where the people have been evacuated, even if it means our deaths."

Governor General: "Please withdraw the soldiers from each of the battle lines! Reinforcements... Reinforcements are surely coming!"

Ethnea NPC Icon.png ???: "——A—ah, you've done great—. This was merely meant to be a reconnaissance party, but these humans sure are weak and squishy, aren't they—?"

Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "Hey, you mustn't insult their warriors. We need to pay our respect to these brave souls who are about to perish in the destruction of the physical realm."

Ethnea NPC Icon.png ???: "Mumu, Onee-chan's too serious. A—ah, how boring. Kuro-chan too, should've went as an infiltrator rather than a scout—."

Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "Please call him Kuroko-sama. He's our superior."

???: "Now Maou's Army is perfect in arms and morale. However, there's a thing called a tide that should be read when it comes to battle. It's important to know our enemy so as to not let any opportunities escape."

Ethnea NPC Icon.png ???: "O—K. ——Hmm? Onee-chan, do you see something coming our way?"

Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "That's... Could it be the Kingdom's army...? Since when were they this deep in the Imperial frontier...!?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "——Prince, are you ready?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "The joint exercises have borne fruit. We were able to come this far on the Imperial airship."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "This situation is one we, the Empire, should deal with ourselves. ... Sorry for getting you involved."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "No, we're going to be fighting together for the sake of overcoming Maou after this. Let's call this a prelude to that."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Katie's right. Prince, the monsters have already infiltrated the city. Please give your orders with care!"


Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "... The Empire and Kingdom have raised their skills this much?"

Ethnea NPC Icon.png ???: "Say, say, Onee-chan! I wanna play with that Prince! Can I fight! Can I? Please—?"

Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "... No. Withdraw the soldiers at once. This is after all a reconnaissance party. I cannot lose the foot soldiers or you."

Ethnea NPC Icon.png ???: "Muuuuuu! Stingy, stingy! You're becoming totally like Kuro-chan—!"

Harmonia AW NPC Icon.png ???: "I would be honoured to become like that great man. Come, let's hurry."

(time passes)

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Maou's army is starting to retreat. The monsters that are lurking in the city are currently being cleaned out by the soldiers."

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "... Your Highness, Emperor, and Your Majesty, Prince. My deepest gratitude for coming to protect the city."

Governor General: "However, Your Highness, due to my lack of virtue, the city has sustained heavy damage..."

Governor General: "I take full responsibility. By all means, have the soldiers——"

Dirk Icon.png Imperial Soldier: "Y, you mustn't. The Governor General was standing at the forefront to protect the citizens herself! Your Highness, Emperor, please be generous in your mercy...!!"

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "Y, you fool! I alone am enough to take the blame!"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "... You are misunderstanding something. You fought to protect the people, that is enough."

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "Y, Your Highness...!!"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "However, it's a fact your abilities were lacking. ... Apply yourself henceforth."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... It seems things have calmed down a little. Prince, that was good work subduing the monsters!"

Knight Saving the People

Decius Icon.png Decius: "——Heios, so our homeland has really been restored."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "That's what we promised when we parted ways. Our homeland that was destroyed by Keraunos, Decius, though you chose the path of vengeance——"

Heios: "——I decided I would brandish my blade for the sake of protecting people, the cities, with this dark power."

Decius Icon.png Decius: "So you did... These forts, ahh, even these streets lying before me, all of these are from when I was a human long ago..."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "The Knighthood is also back, they're now in the middle of a joint exercise with the Kingdom. We won't let this city be destroyed a second time."

Heios: "Decius, your returning here, is it to once again fight in this city as a knight that protects the people alongside us...?"

Decius Icon.png Decius: "...... Nay. Heios, my coming here is to persuade you to join Maou's Army."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "Wha... Have you forgotten the time our city was destroyed, Decius!? You intend to erase this city from the land a second time!?"

Decius Icon.png Decius: "No! I'm not! Back when he was being controlled by Keraunos long ago, Maou-sama was planning to destroy the physical world."

Decius: "However, Maou-sama is now planning to turn the physical world into Makai!"

Heios Icon.png Heios: "Even so, what are you saying!? That the people are going to live in the miasma of Makai!?"

Decius Icon.png Decius: "Kuh... but... I'm trying... to save you..."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "... Decius, you abandoned this city once. We don't live in a world where we can have everything we want, you know? Wanting everything, when grindstones come into blossom..."

Decius Icon.png Decius: "You always said that and pretended to understand how things work. It's because of you I was always a coward!"

Decius: "However! I'll stand my ground today! I don't care if I'm naive or a coward! I'm making you join Maou's army by force if I have to...!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——Heios-san, what's the commotion? ... Eh, Decius!? Why're you here!?"

Heios Icon.png Heios: "I'll explain later. Kingdom's Parliamentary Secretary. Now we have to repel Decius's forces!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Understood. Prince, let us also join the battle line."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "Your Majesty, Prince, because I released the dark power, my body's sustaining injuries; however, please do not be alarmed."

Heios: "Each time I receive an attack, the dark power dwelling in my body should heal nearby allies."

Heios: "If I am to endure a powerful attack from the enemy, then please give me the order. I shall spin a blessing of protection to defend everyone."

Decius Icon.png Decius: "... Is that discussion over? Then here I come, old friend, and Prince...!!"


Decius Icon.png Decius: "Kuuuh... In the end, I couldn't win against you even once..."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "... When you were human, it was always a draw. Decius, is fighting alongside us no longer possible?"

Decius Icon.png Decius: "So long-winded! I scattered so many lives for the sake of my revenge. I cannot return to the path of light now!"

Decius: "Prince, I leave my old friend, Heios, to you."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Decius Icon.png Decius: "... I feel no regret for the physical realm. The path I walk is only the path of battle!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Decius is starting to withdraw. Heios-san, are you sure about this?"

Heios Icon.png Heios: "... That guy doesn't listen to a thing anyone says. He has few friends and quickly chooses the coward's way, but even so, he's an earnest man for the sake of his goals."

Heios: "Meaning, even if I call out to him now, it won't change his mind."

Heios: "On to more important matters! Let's continue the joint exercise! While my city doesn't have much to offer, we will cooperate in the battle against Maou's Army!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... ......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "I, see. Well then, let us resume the exercise."

Secluded, Solitary Island

Katara Icon.png Katara: "——This solitary island is where the 'Power of Destruction' is being hidden."

Minerva Icon.png Minerva: "So there was this kind of island in this area of the sea. Duo, did you know of it?"

Duo Icon.png Duo: "Well, I also didn't know. Rather, these seas couldn't be entered with any half-baked ship."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Fufu, naturally. In order to hide the 'Power of Destruction', my ancestors did it under a pile of curses."

Duo Icon.png Duo: "I see... So a double whammy of current and hexes were blocking any approach to this island."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "——Uugh... H, huh...? This sensation..."

Ibuki Icon.png Ibuki: "Floga? What's wrong?"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Different from the 'Power of Destruction', I feel another magical disturbance... This sensation is the same as when Atnates-san..."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "... Heeh, so a tear in space between Makai and the physical realm is forming?"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Not just one or two of them. All over this island, tears are forming! There's going to be more and more of them before long!"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "Heeh... Then it seems a first strike on our side is in order. We have a lead on where they'll be coming from."

Atnates: "Prince, monsters are coming from the tears in space. Let's strike them down without a single one remaining!"


Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "——I feel no sign of the monsters. With this, it seems we subdued both the monsters that flew from the tears and the monsters from the sea."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "The final 'Power of Destruction' has also been secured. What's important is we arrived on this island before Maou's Army could steal it."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Thanks to Katara-san, the magical disturbances, that are congregating around the 'Power of Destruction', has been put in a mostly controlled state."

Floga: "All that's left is for us to keep them safe somehow..."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Right... So long as the 'Power of Destruction' themselves are releasing their magical power, Maou's Army should also be aware of where they are like just now..."

Minerva Icon.png Minerva: "Couldn't you hide them completely with your art, Katara?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "If I could do that, then my ancestors wouldn't have dispersed them between unexplored regions and hidden them in the first place."

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "——Meaning it's our job now?"

Teeny Icon.png Teeny: "We're always being helped by the Prince. I'll show you the potential of the Dwarven country."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "——Indeed, so we'll protect them on a nation-wide scale. Yo—sh, now that it's decided, it's time for a war council!"

War Council

Shadia NPC Icon.png Shadia: "Now that the whereabouts of the 'Power of Destruction' is known to Maou's Army, rather than hold them all in one place, we are to split them up and station a force at each of them?"

Atnates NPC Icon.png Atnates: "Under normal circumstances, we should avoid splitting up our forces. However, now the situation is different. The battle is still ours to win so long as they don't steal them all."

Solais NPC Icon.png Solais: "We should subdue Maou Garius before he uses the 'Power of Destruction'."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "As for that. So long as the 'Power of Destruction' is in a seven piece form, it's not possible to demonstrate its true abilities."

"So I believe it would be a wise plan to distribute the 'Power of Destruction' you've gathered to each nation that shares friendly relations with the Kingdom. Prince, do you have any ideas about the nations you can entrust the 'Power of Destruction'?"

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "I'll take one 'Power of Destruction'. My country and the Kingdom have always walked together."

Teeny Icon.png Teeny: "The Dwarven Country will also cooperate. Our country is full of mines, so it should buy us plenty of time."

Olivier Icon.png Olivier: "Well then, I shall take one for the Fairy Country. The time where elves and humans hold hands is now."

Horus Icon.png Horus: "You can rely on the Sand Country as well. We owe you a great debt for rescuing us from many dilemmas, this is the least we could do to repay it."

Anya Icon.png Anya: "We, the dragon clan will also cooperate! Normally there's nothing but quarrelling between the same race, but now that the world is in danger, we must hold hands!"

Shizuka Icon.png Shizuka: "From the beginning, the East Country has shared good relations with the Kingdom. I shall show Maou's Army how Samurai fight."

White Emperor NPC Icon.png White Emperor: "... Diana, call all the knights. Prince, now I shall lend help to a friend as a brother in arms."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "... Fufu, looks like he's loved by everyone. But don't forget even the Prince has an important role, OK?"

Katie NPC Icon.png Katie: "The dispatching of raid parties to each country and the protection of the magical thread we possess half of between Maou's Army. And the subjugation of Maou Garius... Eh?"

Diana Icon.png Diana: "Well then, as for the means of transportation, we shall lend you the Imperial airship. Mobility is vital for a raid party."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "All that's left is a means of communication between nations, right? With the Magician's Guild, we shall expand a communication network between the lands."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "... Ehh? Magicians can do such a thing?"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "It's a large-scale spell, so it'll deplete a great deal of our magical reserves and we'll need many people to perform it, making it a spell exclusively for emergencies like this."

"However, now that the world is in danger, I believe all of the guild members will do their utmost!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "We have the firepower of escorts and a means to communicate. To resist Maou's Army, it should be imperative for everyone in the physical world to cooperate."

"To save this world from destruction, let's join forces and prevail over Maou's Army!"

Every Nation Joint Military Exercise

Katara Icon.png Katara: "——Ehh? A, a mock battle? We're going to fight with Maou's Army, so shouldn't we conserve our energy?"

Olivier Icon.png Olivier: "Fufu, rather isn't this to boost morale and training before the decisive battle?"

Pupuru Icon.png Pupuru: "Our warriors believe in many a superstition. Now that they have joined hands with the Prince, this will surely boost the soldiers' morale."

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Is that so...?"

Teeny Icon.png Teeny: "That's how it is. All of the soldiers want to ascertain their own abilities, however small it may be, before the decisive battle."

Nagi Icon.png Nagi: "It'll be a precursor to the final battle. Everyone, all of your training and battles up to this point, I want to feel it while we're joined together here."

Shizuka Icon.png Shizuka: "Being rescued by the Prince, fighting with the Prince, and running with him to rescue those in need, many things have happened..."

Sybilla AW Icon.png Sybilla: "The Prince is truly kind-hearted. If there's someone in trouble, he'll sweep in to their rescue."

Renarde Icon.png Renarde: "Before I realised it, we turned into a very big family, haven't we? Uugh~, a mock battle with everyone, I'm so excited!"

Horus Icon.png Horus: "Of course, the Desert Country will also be joining, right? Our relationship with the Kingdom is longer than any other place!"

Meredith Icon.png Meredith: "... Fuu, I also brought golems from the Magic City. Let me make the final adjustments, OK?"

Mine Icon.png Mine: "Yoosh, the deployment of the mines is also complete. Prince, watch where you step, got that?"

Mine: "Later, I'm gonna set them all off, so don't get clever and set 'em off before then!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Katara Icon.png Katara: (I, is this really a mock battle...? The battle's scale is like that of an actual war...?)

Katara: (Prince, I can't believe he's so loved by everyone... I'm kind of shocked!)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Well then, let's begin the mock battle. Everyone, please make sure not to get hurt!"


Soma Icon.png Soma: "... For some reason, it's like my result's better than in the past?"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Everyone's growing from the long battles. Both the Kingdom and everyone walking alongside the Kingdom!"

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "But Maou's Army possesses mighty forces. We have to be able to respond to many, many more situations...!"

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "——In that case, how about we have our next training session in Imperial territory?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "You're the one from the other day...?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "... You'll need to be accustomed to airships for the raid. I believe she won't make a bad instructor."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Well then, let's shift locations for the next mock battle. Everyone, please get ready!"

Gathered Warriors

Adventurer Icon.png Adventurer: "——Oh, so you've finally showed up? I came to thank you for the potions earlier."

Paula Icon.png Paula: "Huh? Why're you here?"

White Goblin Icon.png Timid Monster: "Gyagya! Modest Prince! Waited!"

Lina Icon.png Lina: "Everyone, what are you doing here...!?"

Setsuna Icon.png Setsuna: "You said we're having a mock battle in the Empire, so since it's for the Prince, I did my best and assembled a volunteer army."

Adventurer Icon.png Adventurer: "Wha...!? I'm not doing this for the Prince! It's simply as an adventurer, I couldn't bring myself to not participate in a battle where the fate of the world is at stake, got that!?"

White Goblin Icon.png Timid Monster: "Gyagya! Adventurer also! Modest!"

Kibahime Icon.png Kibahime: "Kibashuu is also joining the mock battle. Because I, everyone doesn't want the world to end."

Yurina Icon.png Yurina: "I concur. The dark power residing in this body, by taking the sword at the critical moment, it exists for the sake of battle... I'm sure the deputy commander would say such."

Elva Icon.png Elva: "...The Dark Knighthood has already been disbanded, so I'm the former deputy commander to be precise. I'll lend you my power for a moment, Prince."

Anya Icon.png Anya: "Muuu, I won't lose to the Dark Knighthood! I was the first dragonewt to join hands with the Prince!"

Elva Icon.png Elva: "Does it matter who's first!? Why squabble over the Prince!?"

(barricades appear)

Patricia NPC Icon.png ???: "Fuu... Your Highness, Emperor, Governor General, the erection of the barricades has been completed."

Aleida NPC Icon.png Governor General: "Good work. Please resume preparations for the mock battle."

Patricia NPC Icon.png ???: "Roger, roger. Now theeen, ready do your best—?"

Lucia Icon.png Lucia: "I received a report the placement has been completed from the Rocket Trooper team. I'm ready to begin training anytime."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "... Those barricades, they're blocking my line of site when I take aim at the enemy..."

Dolly Icon.png Dolly: "But looking at their workmanship, they're hastily erected barricades. They should fall apart if you give them time."

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "... Prince, are you ready?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "Well then, we'll be training with the volunteer army starting here. Both sides, give it your all in preparation for the battle against Maou's Army!"


White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "... I see, looks like you haven't been slacking in your training."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Adventurer Icon.png Adventurer: "Cheh... Have to stock up on more potions. But my adventurer's heart's burning."

White Goblin Icon.png Timid Monster: "Gyagya, not honest."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "Not just the Kingdom and Empire. For you to have grown enough to assemble a volunteer army like this."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Let's take victory without fail, Prince."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "...It reminds me of the time of the Millennium War. No, it's greater than that, I suppose?"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "There's no telling now. But the Prince and the others are set on winning. So we also have to help them."

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "I wish that man were here to see this. His descendant is working so hard."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "Fufu, I'm sure he's watching, wherever he is. For that man, Prince-kun is a descendant to be proud of."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, the decisive battle with Maou Galious is before our eyes. Let us strive to end the Millennium War of ages past here!"

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