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White Beastgirl and the Dark Organisation (白き獣人と闇の組織) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 30/05/2019 to 06/06/2019.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
What the Organisation is Pursuing
20 180 750 10 8
Fluffy Icon
Fluffy Lv5
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 33
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
The Corrupt Merchants
25 220 1125 10 8
Fluffy Icon
Fluffy Lv6
Phyllis Icon
Phyllis Lv6
2 10 30
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver -
Toll Road
30 280 1800 10 8
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv8
Daniela Icon
Daniela Lv8
3 10 47
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
The Organisation's Hunting Unit
40 360 2250 10 8
Fluffy Icon
Fluffy Lv10
Cecily Icon
Cecily Lv10
5 10 50
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv10
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Five's Hunting
55 500 2700 10 8
Fluffy Icon
Fluffy Lv15
Palace Icon
Palace Lv15
7 10 48
Niel Icon
Niel Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Knowledge of Group Battles
90 680 3600 10 8
Fluffy Icon
Fluffy Lv20
Elaine Icon
Elaine Lv20
12 15 94
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Fluffy CC Sprite
Ranged (260)
Physical 3500 120 50
MR 10
Initial: 16
Move: 121
Missile: 3
3 UP

Ranged (500)
Magic 11000 560 300
MR 10
Dark Guild Assassin Sprite
Dark Guild Assassin
Physical 9000 320 150 53
Initial: 2
2 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Green Assassin (Crossbow) Sprite
Green Assassin (Crossbow)
Ranged (180)
Physical 6000 400 300
MR 10
Initial: 50
Move: 121
Missile: 12
1 UP
Switches to melee form after a set time.
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Green Assassin Sprite
Green Assassin
Physical 6000 600 300
MR 10
Initial: 20
1 UP
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Black Assassin (Crossbow) Sprite
Black Assassin (Crossbow)
Ranged (180)
Physical 12000 800 500
MR 10
Initial: 50
Move: 121
Missile: 12
2 UP
Switches to melee form after a set time.
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Black Assassin Sprite
Black Assassin
Physical 12000 1100 500
MR 10
Initial: 20
2 UP
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Five Sprite
Ranged (250)
Physical 24000 420 400
MR 10
Initial: 6
Move: 1
Missile: 10
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless engaged with a blocker.

Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor. (ATK - DEF)*2

Ur AW Sprite
Physical 7000 500 250
MR 10
Initial: 10
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks. Regenerates at a rate of 20HP/0.5s.
Thetis CC Sprite
Physical 8000 950 300
MR 10
Initial: 18
3 UP
Bashira Sprite
Ranged (220)
Physical 9000 400 140 70
Initial: 2
Move: 61
Missile: 3
3 UP
Rion Enemy
Ranged (300)
Physical 12000 600×4 250 162
Initial: 27
Move: 121
Missile: 3
3 UP
Has an aura. Fires volleys of 4 arrows.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
One the Organisation Pursues

Irene Icon Irene: "——I see, it seems that info about the Dark Organisation searching for something was correct. Well done, Seven."

Seven Icon Seven: "It's all thanks to Irene Nee-san's information network. Now then, the Prince and the others should be arriving around now, but..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Irene-san, Seven-san, sorry to have kept you waiting."

Katie Icon Katie: "There was something about the Dark Organisation making some alarming movements, right...?"

Irene Icon Irene: "Yes, though we don't know anything more than the fact they're earnestly searching for something..."

Seven Icon Seven: "We better catch one of 'em and make him spill the beans. Let's strike at once."

Katie Icon Katie: "However, we can't get careless due to the reports that monsters have also been sighted in this area——"

(bandits appear)

Bandit Minion A Icon Dark Organisation Member: "——I heard a noise, but... Cheh, rotten luck. You guys! The Kingdom's here!!"

Irene Icon Irene: "... We've been spotted. Can't be helped. Prince, let's deal with them before they call for reinforcements."

(Fluffy Appears)

Fluffy Icon ??? (Fluffy): "Ehh, wh-what are those people!? Could they be more pursuers...!?"

???: "Since it's come to this, I'll have to send them a welcoming shot and use that chance to escape...!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "No, we don't mean to fight you——"

Fluffy Icon ???: "Who'll believe that!? Humans can never be trusted!! Go away! Please go away! Out of my way—!!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "That beastman girl is starting to attack! Uuugh, looks like we have to fight..."


Fluffy Icon ???: "——A hole in the encirclement! Now's the time to escape...!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "... Ahh, she got away."

Irene Icon Irene: "It looked like that white-haired beastman was being pursued by the Dark Organisation for some reason, but..."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "——Ahh. AAAAAAH!! I remembered!!"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "The white-haired beastmen... Yes, that's right! They never associated with my clan, so I don't know anything more than hearsay, but..."

Bashira: "The beastmen with white hair are very rare and... umm... I heard they're often targeted by slave traffickers...!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "I see... It's all starting to make sense. I heard rumours that there's a guy dealing in slave trafficking in the Dark Organisation."

Prince Icon Prince: "........."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Bashira-san, will you let us hear the details? This doesn't sound like a situation we can ignore."

Bashira Introduction

Bashira Icon "——The white-haired beastmen. Though it's nothing more than rumours, I heard tales about them."

"In settlements in sections within the Empire and certain other regions, I hear the white-haired clan lives in the shadows."

"It doesn't sound like they have any special powers, but because of their rarity and beautiful hair, they say they've been targeted by heartless people..."

"Considering the Dark Organisation is searching for something, they might be after that white-haired girl."

"Based on what Seven said, I fear the Dark Organisation must be trying to sell her off for some nefarious purpose."

"Prince, so long as the possibility she's being pursued is on the table, I cannot ignore this...!! I won't permit them to chase after that girl and——"

"... Ehh? P, Prince will also help!?"

"Thank you so much, Prince! I'll also do my best...!!"

Evil Merchants

Fuuka Icon Fuuka: "——Prince, this way. A group we believe to be members of the Dark Organisation seem to be heading deep into the forest."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Deep into the forest... you say, sounds like they have caught that girl yet!"

Bandit Minion A Icon Dark Organisation Member A: "——Kukkukku, what drab business. Giving us a mountain 'o info just to catch that one beastly girl."

Dark Guild Executive Icon Dark Organisation Member B: "Makai's filled with all sorts. There's collectors who pay big bucks buying just beastmen to turn into their servants."

Dark Organisation Member B: "More like using 'em and trashing 'em after they've been used up! Well, it's thanks to these beastmen selling like pancakes we're able to fund our activities!"

Irene Icon Irene: (The Dark Organisation's dealing in beastmen slaves, it sounds like Bashira and Seven's hunches were correct.)

Bashira Icon Bashira: (Dealing in slaves... I won't allow it! We have to quickly rescue that girl!)

Katie Icon Katie: (I fear the main team and that beastman girl are much deeper within the woods. Let's start by defeating this group first.)

Seven Icon Seven: "Now that it's decided...! Let's settle this in one shot!"

Bandit Minion A Icon Dark Organisation Member A: "——Ugh, Uwaah!? Who're you bastards!?"

Dark Guild Executive Icon Dark Organisation Member B: "Cheh, those dogs from the Kingdom already caught up!? Oi, fight back! Don't let them head to Aniki's place!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, in order to safely rescue that girl, let's settle these enemies swiftly!"


Bandit Minion A Icon Dark Organisation Member A: "Cheh, they weren't kidding! These guys're strong!!"

Dark Guild Executive Icon Dark Organisation Member B: "Quickly bring this to Five Aniki's attention!! By now, he should be cornering that white beastman!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "——Heeh, so that Five's on the move? Well done on having lackeys with loose lips."

Dark Guild Executive Icon Dark Organisation Member B: "S, Seven... I see, damned traitor, so you're the one that let them in on our game? Dammit, retreat! Retreat, you bastards!!"

Irene Icon Irene: "Looks like we gave them quite the fright. They dropped something."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "This is... a scrap of that girl's clothes? Uuugh, I'm definitely going to be having scary thoughts. We have to quickly help her..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "That's right... Prince, let's quickly follow after that party!"

The Price of Passage

Orc Icon Orc: "——For you to personally come to our outpost...!! So you desired to do battle with us that much, Prince!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "... Don't tell me we struck upon an Orc outpost."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Tried to take a short cut only for it to backfire..."

Irene Icon Irene: "While it's regrettable, we came here as a short cut to reach our destination. Will you please let us pass?"

Orc Icon Orc: "Mu... That so...? The same goes for us, we just wish to do battle with the strong..."

Orc: "But! This opportunity to do battle with the Prince, we obviously won't let this chance slip away...!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "Cheh, this's why I hate guys who built up muscles even in their heads."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Looks like we have no choice... We don't have time, but it looks like we'll have to fight back. Prince, please quickly prepare for battle!"


Orc Icon Orc: "Aah... That was a good fight... Gufuh..."

Seven Icon Seven: "Fui—... What an annoying bunch. Oi, have you seen any suspicious guys around these parts?"

Orc Icon Orc: "Suspicious bunch...? That's right, there was a group chasing after a white beastman, the warriors said they went out to patrol..."

Seven Icon Seven: "Alright, coming here wasn't a fool's errand. Prince, let's hurry!"

Orc Icon Orc: "... Wait. If that's what you seek, go along that path, strong ones. I believe it'll shorten the distance considerably."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "... Why're you telling us that?"

Orc Icon Orc: "The strong should be rewarded. Think of it as thanks for a good fight. But next time we won't lose, Prince...!!"

The Organisation's Hunting Squad

Five Icon ??? (Five): "——Hoh, the ones heading this way were Irene and Seven, you say? That brings back memories.... Starting to feel somewhat sentimental."

??? (Five): "But we don't have time to be dealing with those traitors. Now we have to think about catching that beastman."

Dark Guild Executive Icon Dark Organisation Member: "... Hah! Oi, you bastards! Put some spirit into it and go after her!!"

Seven Icon Seven: "——Heeh, that Five guy's really their commander? So that guy moved shop from the Guild to the Dark Organisation."

Thetis Icon Thetis: "Do you know him, Seven?"

Seven Icon Seven: "Don't know about 'know' him, but we slept in the same quarters, I guess... He was an unlikable guy who always used dirty tricks during his time in the Dark Guild."

Seven: "He has no qualms with throwing away his comrades, and regardless of merit, he always tried to live for the sake of becoming a scoundrel."

Irene Icon Irene: "So he'll do whatever it takes to get ahead in the world? However, I see no sign of that beastman..."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Do you suppose she escaped much deeper into the forest?"

Katie Icon Katie: "However, so long as Five's henchmen are fortified here, we'll have to break through them to head deeper into these woods..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... In that case, let's pierce through them. What do you say, Prince?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Y, yosh, well then, let's hurry and break through this place!"

[Damage received from assassins doubled.]


Five Icon Five: "... Hoh, you're the Prince, eh? You have a look that isn't cut for being long in this world."

Five: "However, we're just hunters merely enjoying our hunt. There's no reason to get in our way, is there?"

Five: "You see, we have a wealthy client who's dead set on having a white beast. I would appreciate it if you didn't interfere in our restocking, but..."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "What hunt!? Isn't what you're hunting a girl!?"

Five Icon Five: "... Yare-yare. I was saying I would leave things be if you left quietly, but either you're ignorant or just plain naive..."

Five: "Seven, for you who wasn't tainted by darkness in the end, those guys suit you."

Seven Icon Seven: "Shut up, Five. Roll over and cough out that girl's location; whether you suffer or cough it up, it's your choice!"

Five Icon Five: "——Are those words for an old friend? But I'll tell you her location. We've already surrounded that beast."

Five: "You see, that beastman's as good as ours. If you're going to spout nonsense about wanting to rescue her, that'll be the same as diving head first into a whirlpool..."

Irene Icon Irene: "... Five escaped deep into the woods. Prince, how do you reckon?"

Prince Icon Prince: "........."

Irene Icon Irene: "... I didn't have to ask? These depths are already the enemies' own. We'll have to be both swift and careful."

Five's Hunting

Five Icon Five: "——You gave us a great heap of trouble. If you just stayed put and let us catch you, we wouldn't have done it the rough way."

Fluffy Icon ???: "Liar! The ones who carried off everyone from my hometown were you guys, right!? What do you intend to do with us...!?"

Five Icon Five: "What, they're merely being cared for by a gentle master. What happens after they're delivered is none of my business."

Five: "On that note, even you can have another potential use. It seems that bunch from the Kingdom are intent on rescuing you. They went and deliberately threw themselves into our encirclement."

Fluffy Icon ???: "......... Ehh?"

Soma Icon Soma: "——That's right! We came to rescue you! Prince, White Beastman-san confirmed...!"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!!"

Fluffy Icon ???: "... Ehh? Y, you're the ones from earlier...?"

Irene Icon Irene: "We're from the Kingdom. We came all this way to rescue you."

Fluffy Icon ???: "... R, really? Why would humans rescue me...?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Because our Prince is a person who won't abandon anyone in need! Please wait, we'll rescue you at once!"

Five Icon Five: "... Kuku, you're more foolish than I expected. But I ought to express my gratitude. For coming here to be personally hunted."

Five: "Since that's the case, I shall make doubly certain. I'll go forth, ready formations!"

Seven Icon Seven: "Five's also coming out, eh...? Prince, be careful. That guy will mask his presence and then attack."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, there's no victory for us unless we break through this encirclement. Please give your orders with care!"

[Damage received from Five doubled.]


Five Icon Five: (... Hoh. The one who was underestimating the other was me?)

Five: (——But that's right, there's no need to tell the other executives info regarding the Kingdom's army. Better they're crushed in a place that doesn't affect me...)

Seven Icon Seven: "... That Five, looks like he's trying to abandon his underlings to run away."

Fluffy Icon ???: "Ah, umm, thank you, very much...? So, is it true...? D, did you really come to rescue, me...?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Of course we did! Eh, aah—! You're hurt! We have to quickly patch you up!!"

Soma Icon Soma: "Yes, Bashira-san. We have bandages, water, and anti-venom. Aside from that, we also have rations and baked confections."

Fluffy Icon ???: "... Throwing yourselves into those frightening people's whirlpool, so there are people who would really come rescue me."

Fluffy: "Ah, umm, I'm, called Fluffy. I was being chased by those people for so, so long and, umm, I-I was so scared..."

Thetis Icon Thetis: "It'll be OK, there's no longer anyone who would hurt you. We came here for that. Right, Bashira?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "What she said! Our Prince is a good-natured sort who'll act without thinking during times like these."

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "... Thank you very much. I'm truly, truly thankful for everything you've done, Prince-sama and everyone...!!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Irene Icon Irene: "Now then, we'll need to treat Fluffy-san, so how about we head to the Kingdom for the time being? ——We'll also have to investigate the Dark Organisation's movements."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "That's right... Since this matter was to raise funds, then I anticipate darker days are ahead of us..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "In any case, Prince, that was good work on today's expedition!"

Fluffy Epilogue

Fluffy Icon "... Ex, excuse me."

"I'm terribly sorry for turning my blade towards you the other day...!"

"Also, I'm truly, truly grateful you came to my rescue...!!"

"I was about to be caught and sold for my white hair by those wicked people..."

"But thanks to Prince-sama and all Prince-sama's friends, I'm safe and sound as you can see."

"If you had left me to my fate, I'm sure around now, I would be..."

"... Hah, n-now I made myself think about scary things! Since you went to all that trouble to rescue me, I need to walk forward with a positive attitude!"

"Also, umm, if it's alright with you, Prince-sama..."

"Will you let me join you...?"

"I'm confident in my bow! Though I'm not accustomed to fighting..."

"Is that a... no...? Please, I want to repay you for rescuing me!"

"——Wah, wawawa... Thank you very much! I'll do my very best!!"

Knowledge of Fighting between Groups

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "The way things are, I'm going to be booted from the Kingdom's army...!!"

Fluffy: "I can't march in line with the soldier-sans, and I'm getting distracted over that and missing my shots, and... Wh, wh-wh-wh-what should I do...?"

Rion AW Icon Leone: "... Looks like you're troubled! Cute newbie-chan!!"

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "... Ehh? Waaaahh!? You heard me just now!?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Fluffy-chan, you were talking to yourself, but we could hear you from quite a ways, you know?"

Miguel Icon Miguel: "This valley doesn't have any trees, so you can hear voices from afar..."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Though it's a battlefield, it's not a problem since we're training!"

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "Uugh... How embarrassing... I'm really going to be booted from the army..."

Thetis Icon Thetis: "It's OK, Fluffy-chan. Take my hand, and I'll teach you how to walk in step with your comrades and——"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "——OK, Thetis's file is next to me. Fluffy-san, you'll learn by practising in unison with your comrades. So why don't you join in the cavalries' training one more time?"

Thetis Icon Thetis: "That's right, Bashira. Watch and learn from Bashira and my coordination, and then pretend you're rushing out into a real battlefield."

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "Everyone... U, understood! I'll do my best!"

Miguel Icon Miguel: "Well then, I'll go call Prince Aniki. We'll begin the cavalry training at once!"

[Aura Fluffy will deliver magical ranged attacks.]


Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "Wow... It felt like it was easier to move together with everyone!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Two are better than one, as they say! Each of our strengths are different, so there's meaning in working together."

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "It's completely different from hunting alone... I'll try much, much harder!!"

Fluffy: "Well then, Prince-sama, thank you ever so much for joining me for training!!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "... Eh, aah—!! I should be repaying Prince-sama, but now I'm further in his debt..."

Fluffy: "Since it's come to this, I must train much, much more! Senpais, please whip me in shape from now on—!!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Fluffy-san, somehow, it seems she regained her enthusiasm. I'm truly glad she's safe."

Anna: "However, we need to be on the lookout for any moves by the Dark Organisation. Let's deal with them without getting careless in the future."

Fame Edit

Menu Fame
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 悪しき商人たち (25/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 通行の対価 (30/3) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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