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White Emperor is a black emperor obtained from the Seal of the Goddess event.

Only one White Emperor allowed per team.

Also obtained from:


Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

White Emperor Icon.png
Emperor Lv1 1408 401 304 0 3 31 26 ATK+84
Sacred Treasure
of Adamas
Hero of the
Lv99 2200 500 660


Name & Effect (edit info)
Sacred Treasure
of Adamas
For X seconds, attack increases by 2.0x, and range by 1.5x. Attacks ignore defense and magic resistance.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

White Emperor 6☆
X Reuse
35 79
37 78
40 77
42 76
44 75
46 74
48 73
51 72
53 71
55 70


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Hero of the Empire
(edit info)
During skill use, all allied Imperial units gain 30% Attack and Defense.
White Emperor Icon.png

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Has ranged physical attacks.

While deployed, all allies will not have their strength decline in Makai.



Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% .......
15% Is it that important to you that we speak with each other? I don't think it's possible for us to hold a conversation.
30% I see... It seems that the only thing we have in common is our taste in liquor.
50% I have neither your charisma nor your pedigree.
60% I'm ashamed to admit it, but I leave those kinds of matters all up to Leona.
80% ...We should get together a bit more often, Prince.
100% ...Comrades-in-arms, eh... I don't mind if it's with you.
Adjutant I fail to see the humor in this, Prince. Do you want me to slash you apart?

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

White Emperor #1 :

The moment he steps into the bar, everyone present suddenly goes silent.

White Emperor : "…………"

Emperor of the White Empire. A title bestowed to the strongest in the Empire, and at the same time, it also defines a being unsuitable for this kind of place.

White Emperor : "…………"

With sharp eye movements similar to that of a wolf wandering a winter land seeking for bloodied flesh, he moves to a seat at the counter without hesitation.

Wearing an ebony-black Imperial Army uniform with an array of gold and silver decorations, there is probably no other figure more exquisite than anything I have ever laid eyes on...

White Emperor : "…………"

Sitting next to me, he orders a drink with a small voice, almost going unheard.

White Emperor : "…………"

A conference discussing the future of the Kingdom and the Empire ended a while ago, and an agreement was reached after the formal procedures were followed.

If I were to explain on how I interacted with him back then, it was the political affiliates from both countries who took care of all the enquiries.

Simply put, we have not exchanged actual words with each other.

White Emperor : "……"

White Emperor : "…………"

White Emperor : "……I don't understand."

His words caught me by surprise.

That voice seemed to be directed at me, and somehow I also feel that they are directed to those who have turned away from their fates...

White Emperor : "Right now like this, I am in your country……"

His sight is not directed at me.

His fair face doesn't show even a single emotion.

Although, those simple words felt heavy all over, and it vividly resonated in my heart.

White Emperor : "…………"

Sitting within an arm's length, I could simply reach out and touch the Emperor of the White Empire...

"Thinking of it, there were various things that happened between the Kingdom and the Empire."

White Emperor : "……Yeah"

White Emperor : "But strangely……"

White Emperor : "For a companion bounded together by destiny, we do not know much about each other."

"We can start by knowing each other from now on", I said, surprised by how natural my response to him was.

White Emperor : "……From now on, huh."

White Emperor : "……"

White Emperor : "But, I think..."

White Emperor : "You and I have nothing in common at all……"

White Emperor : "I don't think it's possible for our conversation to match."

In the first place, both of us were men of few words.

There wouldn't be any occasion to try matching our conversations, much less an opportunity to do it.

White Emperor : "……Heh"

White Emperor : "There's that, too"

A small smile elegantly colors the cheeks of his fair face.

Despite being firm, it was a smile that was unusually eye-catching.

Unbeknownst to me, the tension in my mouth started to loosen up.

---At the same time, the bartender brought us our drinks.

White Emperor : "……"

There's two glasses in front of us.

While we look at the glasses, our faces once again express a familiar silence...

White Emperor : "……Heh"

It is reasonable for him to laugh.

Because without knowing it, we had both ordered the very same drink.

White Emperor : "I have to withdraw my previous statement."

With his words giving me a chance, we grab our glasses.

White Emperor : "At least, we have a matching taste for drinks."

"Looks like it", I replied, as we exchanged a small smile and started drinking.

White Emperor #2 :

As the time reaches the late hours of the night, we continue drinking.

While letting our mind and body go with the flow, we keep exchanging words, a change from the times we usually don't.

White Emperor : "How many victories that can be obtained……"

White Emperor : "I suppose, that might be the meaning of 'life'."

White Emperor : "No, living within the Empire, is synonymous with continuing to win."

As if that action were meant to end his words, the Emperor gulps down the remaining beer left in his glass and orders a new one.

He is not showing any redness or signs of being drunk, and there are no differences from his normal facial expression.

However, the number of words he has spoken has gradually increased.

White Emperor : "If I lose, I'll lose everything..."

White Emperor : "It's not just my honor and status, but also precious people, beloved ones, that must be protected."

White Emperor : "Everything, will be lost."

It's a common philosophy, but when a person such as the Emperor of the White Empire says it, it surprises me how different of a weight those words can carry.

White Emperor : "I do not have a venerable family nor a noble lineage like you."

I already heard from others about his saga; how he emerged from slums, becoming the Commander of the Imperial Knights from his own capabilities, and becoming the Emperor shortly after.

That is why I understand from one glimpse, within him dwells a terribly distant spirit.

White Emperor : "For the sake of defending them, I can't afford to lose."

White Emperor : "Even if the opponent is God himself……"

Those were words spoken without any hesitation...

...and I agree completely, as well.

However, I couldn't just leave my words unspoken...

White Emperor : "……Life, is not only about winning...?"

His stern look changes into a slightly surprised demeanour.

"What's important, is how far you can keep moving forward, even when you lose." As if wanting to boast, I told him a similar success story.

White Emperor : "……When monsters overran the Royal Capital, huh?"

I calmly returned a nod.

"That day, I had certainly lost."

"In despair, that day I was ready to face even death. I almost gave up everything and abandoned my life in misery and disgrace."

White Emperor : "Yet, you did not give up?"

As if agreeing with him, I added another round of words.

"At that time, if I had stopped..."

"If I had given up the courage to take another step forward, I would have lost everything in the truest sense, and I would have been abandoned by everyone."

White Emperor : "……How? How was it that you could keep moving forward...?"

...Upon hearing his question, I replied without hesitating.

"A Prince's status is neither a by-product of superficial lineage pretense, nor a status of pride. Starting with Anna, and together with the determination of many companions, I was able to rise and stand up once again."

"That's why I could walk this far..."

"And now, I can also join hands with you."

"I was able accept those words and feelings..."

"Everything is thanks to those who supported me..."

White Emperor : "……Heh..."

White Emperor : "That's a really immature way of thinking."

White Emperor : "……But still, those are words coming from you..."

White Emperor : "Looking at the Kingdom's rapid advancements so far, I can see that those words aren't just parts of your imagination..."

With that being said, he finishes the drink that had just arrived in one go, and as if breathing a new life, he pours another to fill his empty glass.

White Emperor : "How far can you move forward when you lose, eh?……"

White Emperor : "……Actually, at that labyrinth, I was suffering a defeat..."

White Emperor : "Although my followers were taken as hostages, my body and mind was taken away by the Goblin Queen and the Ant Queen, at that time I certainly lost."

"--But despite all this, you're still alive. This is clearly, an undeniable truth."

White Emperor : "Yeah, thanks to your rescue."

White Emperor : "And under the advice of the Goddess Adamas-sama, the Empire have joined hands with the Kingdom."

White Emperor : "……You know, Prince."

White Emperor : "I wonder if I did make a move forward..."

"At the very least, you're not standing still."

White Emperor : "……Yeah."

White Emperor : "……"

White Emperor : "This is the first time, for me to talk about my own doubts to another person……"

White Emperor : "No, that's wrong……"

White Emperor : "First time other than the late Emperor, to be precise."

White Emperor : "…………"

White Emperor : "But don't get me wrong, alright?"

White Emperor : "You are not comparable to the late Emperor."

"You admired that person", I replied to his words.

White Emperor : "Yeah……"

White Emperor : "……That person was my only friend."

White Emperor : "That's why, I cannot forgive myself, who could not protect the late Emperor."

White Emperor : "I'll show it, that I'll become even stronger than I am now."

White Emperor : "In order to not lose those who are important ever again……"

"We'll cooperate for sure.", I replied, acknowledging his honest feelings.

White Emperor : "Of course."

White Emperor : "……The agreement with the Kingdom is made for that reason."

White Emperor : "Remember this, Prince."

White Emperor : "Don't let me down."

He returns a smile.

It's a daring expression, typical to him.

However, I see a little warmth of trust in it. I grab my glass while smiling naturally.

White Emperor : "You are the only one who is able to stand by my side."

Along with those words, he also grab his glass.

White Emperor : "From a pure white, and an exalted faith without a single speck of cloudiness, we will definitely become the champions and rule the world in the next era."

With his calmly spoken words offering a chance, we toast our glasses, and a small harmonious tone rings.


Lily's big brother.