"You wish to know my power? Fufu. Then, I will tell you all there is to know about it."

Thunder Spirit User Zilva is a platinum elementaler.

Obtained from:

Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Zilva Icon
Elementaler Lv1 566 97 101 20 N/A 7 4 HP+360
Spirit User
Lv70 836 191 199
Zilva AW Icon
Lv1 754 174 181 20 N/A 7 4 HP+360
↓ ↑

Advanced Thunder
Spirit User
Lv90 1091 223 233
Token unit
Thunder Elemental Icon
N/A Lv1 402 61 20 0 N/A - 8 N/A N/A N/A
Lv70 600 120 35
Advanced Thunder Elemental Icon
Advanced Thunder
Lv1 553 111 30 0 N/A - 8
Lv90 800 160 50

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, attack and defense increase by Yx. Restores 1 token charge upon activation.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Zilva 5☆
Y Reuse
1.1 34
1.2 33
1.3 32
1.4 31
1.5 30

Skill Awakening Edit

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Zilva AW Icon
Normal Stock Element For 30 seconds, attack and defense increase by 1.5x. Restores 1 token charge upon activation. 30 15
Awakened Rapid Thunder For 25 seconds, attack and defense increase by 1.5x. Thunder Elementals within range have reduced post-attack delay (16->2). 40 20

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Thunder Spirit User
(edit info)
Power will not decrease in Makai.

Can employ small Thunder Elementals.

Zilva Icon
  • Thunder Elementals gradually lose HP and cannot block, but rapidly attack all nearby enemies with attacks that ignore defense.
    • Tokens degenerate at a rate of 2%/0.366s.

Advanced Thunder Spirit User
(edit info)
Power will not decrease in Makai.

Completely negates status effects for self and tokens.

Can employ Thunder Elementals.

Zilva AW Icon
AW Icon
  • Affected units are immune to any and all status effects (including HP damage over time maps). This does not apply to weather effects.
  • Thunder Elementals gradually lose HP and cannot block, but rapidly attack all nearby enemies with attacks that ignore defense.
    • Tokens degenerate at a rate of 2%/0.366s.

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Ranged unit, does not attack.
Attack and defense is added to Elementals within range.
Can employ tokens.
  • Can employ up to 15 Elementals.
    • A maximum of 3 can be deployed simultaneously.
    • Only elementals after the first will count toward the deployment limit.
Elemental Master

Affection Edit

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them. Edit

0% You wish to know my power? Fufu. Then, I will tell you all there is to know about it.
15% My worries? Let's see... I'm curious if electric shocks can destroy anything.
30% If you get too close, you'll be split open... Just kidding.
50% Prince, do you wish to have the same dark complexion as me?
60% What is this whip? Fufu, it is a treasure bestowed upon me by our queen.
80% Fufu. It would seem the Prince is quite the talented person.
100% To get me all flustered, you really are a cruel man, Prince.
130% I am a dangerous woman, you say? How rude. Who is spreading such rumors?
150% Fufufu, how cute. An embarrassed Prince is also lo~ve~ly.♪
Adjutant I'll make an exception and listen to all of your requests.

Scenes Edit

30% Nude, Kneeling Fellatio
100% Breasts exposed, Panties to one side, Missionary

All-Age Conversation Scenes Edit

Zilva #1

Zilva: ...Ara, welcome.

Due to some minor business, I paid Zilva's room a visit. The girl in question was relaxing on her comfy couch.

When Zilva spotted me, she rose up from her couch and calmly approached my direction in elegant steps.

Zilva: You have my gratitude, Prince. This room is quite comfortable.

Zilva: Not only did you prepare a room for me, but you also filled it with magic resistance to withstand my thunder.

Zilva: You are...a kind and considerate person.

Zilva: Furthermore, there are no compliments that can describe how excellent your mages are here.

Zilva: I wish to make them my subordinates.

The blonde dark elf woman slightly curves her mouth into a smile and exchange gazes with me.

She was quite the taciturn when we first met because of the otherworldly aura she exuded. Because of that, I was slightly cautious of her presence.

But nowadays, Zilva is seen going back to talking as usual and I enjoy talking with her these days.

Zilva: ...Fufu. Thank you. I enjoy chatting with you.

Zilva: ......

Zilva: ...I...

Zilva: I don't usually talk to anyone closely like this.

Zilva: ...Huh? You're wondering if I don't have many friends?

Zilva: Fufufu. You're reaching quite the touchy subject.

Zilva: Rather than few, even if I wanted to make some friends, I am unable to. Even if I wanted to become close to someone, I cannot be involved with them.

Zilva: Look. You know I can use thunder elementals, right?

Zilva: I was loved by these thunder elementals ever since I was born. As such, I became a living electrical discharge that aimlessly shot out electric shocks.

Zilva: I destroyed anything I touched and shocked anyone I touched.

Zilva: So, I felt at ease when I lived away from my family and I never once tried to make some friends.

Zilva: Nowadays, I am able to control my powers.

Zilva: But with my abilities were similar to my family's, I still haven't taken the initiative to get closer to anyone.

Zilva: Since I was aware of the atmosphere around me, I tried to avoid getting involved with others as much as possible.

Zilva: Even when I first came to you, I didn't bother to talk all that much to you nor your comrades.

Zilva: That's all there is to it.

As Zilva finished those words, her downcast eyes had a tinge of sadness to them.

I finally understood the reason why she was so tight-lipped when we first met.

But why has she been avoiding from getting involved with others up till now, and yet here she is able to have a conversation with me?

In response to the question I had, Zilva gently smiled and said...

Zilva: ...You once told me the difference between our races was irrelevant to you.

Zilva: At the time, I was really concerned about my abilities, and you probably thought I was troubled about me being a dark elf, right?

Zilva: Even though it was a misunderstanding, it was a little strange of you to kindly care for me then. Because of that, I became more interested in you.

As Zilva recollected about those days, she was smiling and laughing throughout the entire thing.

Whatever the reason may be, this was the first time I've seen her smiling since she came here.

I was ecstatic when I felt the walls she put between us up till now disappearing and instinctively reached my hand out towards her head...

Zilva: ...Ah?!

As if out of reflex, the moment when I tried to touch Zilva's head, an electric shock surged out from her body.

Zilva: Suddenly trying to touch a lady's head like that, I wonder if this is your idea of being a gentleman.

Bewildered by my actions, Zilva furrowed her eyebrows and spoke in a slightly lower tone as if lecturing a child.

I quickly retracted my hand and apologized while showing her I was reflecting on my actions. Zilva squinted her eyes and smiled.

Zilva: Fufu. Thanks Prince.

Zilva: It's cute that you want to stroke my hair. Prince is a man after all.

Zilva: But―

Zilva: If you overdo it too much, electric shocks might shoot out and split you open...

...Was she still mad at me?

I apologetically lowered my head before her once again.

Then, the dark elf woman begins chuckling behind her hands covering her mouth.

Zilva: Fufu, I was only joking.

Zilva: Ah, but...

Zilva: If you wanted to have the same dark complexion as mine, you should have said so. I would have been more than happy to lend you a hand with that. I cannot guarantee your life though...♪

I got the feeling her jokes were considerably dark like the clothes she wore...

I made a displeased face as I passed on her offer. Zilva pouted in faux disappointment.

For the time being, I was relieved knowing she was living without any inconveniences.

The wait-and-see approach was finally over. I began to switch topics to the other issue I had with Zilva.

Zilva: ...Hmm? What?

The other issue―was inviting her to eat with me.

While I would like to think Zilva has opened much of her heart towards me, it's not enough. There were still far too many things we didn't know about each other.

So, I was hoping we could talk more about ourselves as we take our time eating somewhere.

Zilva: ...Hmm?

Zilva: You wish to have dinner with me?

Zilva: ...Ara, that sounds nice.

Zilva: Fufufu. How can I, a most blessed woman, turn down a dinner invitation from a handsome gentleman such as you.

Zilva: What kind of place will you take me to? I shall look forward to it.

After she said that, Zilva stretched her hand out towards me gracefully.

Lost in her elegance, I followed suit, taking her hand in mine, and escorted her to a restaurant near the castle.

Zilva #2

When Zilva invited me to her room for some friendly chatter, 'something' caught my eye.

Zilva: ―What's wrong? Are you curious with this?

The item she pointed at was a whip hanging from her waist.

Zilva usually fought by deploying her thunder elementals. Then, why did she have a whip hanging from her waist?

Wanting to touch on the question I've hanged on to for a while, I decided to casually ask her what it is used for.

Zilva: Fufu. This whip...was used to purge anyone who betrayed our clan.

Zilva: Such was my duty given by the Queen herself.

Zilva: I would track down the traitors who went against our clan, and grant them a severe punishment far worse than death... That is the sole purpose of my whip.

―Dorothea, the queen who ruled over the dark elves of Makai.

Zilva was one of Queen Dorothea's most trusted retainers, and I heard she was even the warden of the Makai City's prison.

Zilva: Yes, that's right. And me cooperating with you was also on behalf of the Queen's orders.

Zilva: Ah, that's right!

Zilva: This is as good of a chance as any, want to give it a try?

Zilva: Since you're so curious, I will make an exception and allow only you to touch this whip.

"Want to give it a try?" Does she mean I can use that whip...?!

I've always wanted to try out different weapons other than swords for a long time.

This was the perfect opportunity to do so if she was willing to teach me how to use her whip.

Then, as soon as I reached my hand out thinking she would give it to me, Zilva seemed to be a little confused for some reason.

Zilva: W-When I said try, I actually meant "Do you want to get whipped by it?"...

Zilva: No, could it be perhaps... Prince wants to be the sadist instead of the masochist?

Zilva: But, I was always in the position to purge someone, so to have someone whip me even just a little...

She starts muttering in a whisper while saying those words.

Zilva became lost in thought, shown by her mannerisms, and was hesitant in handing her whip to me.

Driven by my desire to wield a weapon I never had the chance of using, I urged her to hurry and give it to me.

When Zilva heard me, she suddenly blushed out of nowhere and stared at me while handing her whip to me―

Zilva: Hurry... Do it...

W-What? Her voice was too quiet for me to make out her words.

Zilva: Hurry... WHIP ME!

How did it come to this...

Zilva shouted some cryptic words while clumsily shoving the whip into my hands. She then got on the floor in a doggy position and looked up at me.

Zilva: Here. You've been dying to lash me with that whip right? That's what you meant when you said "Hurry up and hand it over" before, right?!

Zilva: Well, don't keep me waiting! If you want to do it, then hurry up with it already!

And before I knew it, I was put into a situation where she's asking me to whip her...

While I cannot hide being a little disturbed by her erratic outbursts, I came out and told her I wouldn't do such a thing.

Then, Zilva swiftly got up on her feet and firmly wrapped her hands around mine.

Zilva: ...Fu...fufu... Good boy.♪ Your naive reaction was cute and fascinating.♪

Zilva: It was your first time after all. So, it's inevitable for you to tense up and hesitate...!

That's weird... The more I denied it, the more delighted Zilva became for some reason.

The truth behind my intentions were being twisted within her mind and misinterpreted in a way far beyond my understanding...

Zilva: But, you had a cold look on you just a while ago. Your words were also scary...

Zilva: Prince, you are quite the talented man.

Zilva: I am even more interested in you now!

Zilva was a dark elf of bewitching beauty. Contrary to that charming smile, she was like a child in high spirits.

While I was perplexed by her appearance, I felt the wall between us collapse and secretly smiled.

Awakening Materials Edit

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon
Onyx Icon
Material 1
Ricardo Icon
Cassis Icon
Anemone Icon
Ricardo (School) Icon
CC IconCC Icon
Material 2
Calliope Icon
Nenya Icon
Merone Icon
Cloris Icon
Yuyu Icon
Ryuryu Icon
Calliope (Dress) Icon
Nenya (School) Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 3
Fudou Icon
Sharon Icon
Noel Icon
Soleil Icon
CC IconCC Icon
(edit info) Money Orbs
Platinum 200,000G 2 x Warlock orb & 2 x Lord Witch orb

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